The parliament approved with the votes of the MPs of the social democrat PASOK the amendment of the Ministry of Employment that bans any increases in wages that exceed those included in the collective labour agreement signed by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and the majority of the Confederation of the Trade Unions in the private sector (GSEE).

This agreement imposes a three-year wage-freeze while in the previous period the government proceeded to a drastic increase of direct taxation on public consumption goods and inflation increases at a rate of 6%. In other words, it promotes the reduction of workers’ purchasing power.

KKE condemned this anti-labour amendment which not only reduces the wages but also promotes the abolition of collective labour agreements at the level of branches or companies.

Emergency order against the strikers
The government imposed an emergency order against the strike of the trucks drivers. Once again this measure, which is provided in case of war situation or big natural disasters, is used by the bourgeois social democrat government against the right of workers to go on strike.

The strike is staged against the bill of government which in fact accelerates the concentration of transports into the hands of big monopoly groups leading to the economic destruction of private truck owners.

KKE condemned this fact from the Parliament podium while the All Workers’ Militant Front issued a statement condemning this action:

"PAME calls on the working class and the popular strata of our country to condemn the decision of the government to proceed to an emergency order against the truck drivers in order to impose the needs of the capital’s interests. The government did not issue this order with the aim to protect the interests of the majority of the people from a "guild trade" as it calls the truck drivers. On the contrary, it used this measure as well as all the repressive mechanisms against them in order to serve the interests of a caste of parasites (capitalists and multinational groups) that want to dominate in the sector transports in order to obtain additional super-profits.

The only answer to this policy and the reactionary front that promotes it (government, leadership of ND, LAOS, EU) is the common front of the popular forces, namely the working class, the self employed, the small and medium sized craftsmen and tradesmen, the small and medium sized farmers, with joint action and solidarity against the common enemy.


July 30, 2010