To the Marxism-Leninism Today Editors
Dear Comrade Walter Tillow and other editors of Marxism-Leninism Today,

On behalf of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), we send you a fraternal revolutionary greeting, to express our deep gratitude, as well as that of the entire membership of the PCV and the Young Communists of Venezuela, for the invaluable solidarity provided in the course of the organization and realization of the 16th National Congress of the PCV, which helped to guarantee its political, organic and ideological success.

In these moments, in which the attacks and the siege against the PCV and the Venezuelan labor and trade union movement are intensifying, the exercise of concrete actions of international solidarity constitute a valuable support that contributes to sustain the struggles against the common enemy of our class.

We reiterate our gratitude, as well as the firm disposition of the PCV to continue working to strengthen the relations of friendship, solidarity and articulation between our sister organizations.

Fraternal embrace and solidarity,
For the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)
Oscar Figuera
Secretary General of the PCV
Caracas, January 8, 2023.