For the last two weeks, Israel has been waging an unprecedented barbaric assault against Lebanon. It has been committing a massacre after a massacre killing civilians, including children, women and the aged. It has been destructing roads, bridges and electricity plants in an attempt to destroy the whole infrastructure of the country. It has encircled Lebanon with a complete siege and has cut all means of communication among villages and towns within the country. About a million citizens had already been displaced through systematic day and night shelling from air, sea and land and through deprivation of food, medications and all means of living.

A worldwide solidarity campaign against the barbaric Israeli assault is calling for an end to the lunatic war machine in no avail. Israel has been fully backed by the US Administration in order to impose the so called "New Middle East". Thus, the true cause of the assault has been disclosed as not a reaction to the kidnapping of two soldiers, but as a means to implement a designed plan to re-dominate the whole area and give Israel an upper hand through the Lebanese gate.

Developments have shown that the US Administration had caused the failure of all calls for a cease-fire to give Israel more time to attain its criminal goals under the pretext of implementing the Security Council resolutions for Lebanon, whereas Israel is the only country ever refusing to apply by the UN resolutions concerning the Palestinian people. More than a month ago, a new wave of assaults and aggression had put Gaza and a number of cities in the occupied Palestinian territories under siege and famine.

The Israeli aggression which is fully backed by Washington has clearly shown how Israel serves the world imperialist policy against the peoples of our area. The last visit of Condaliza Rice to the area and Rome Conference had been planned to impose the US Administration’s strategy for our area.

Therefore, we call for material and moral support to Lebanon in order to enable them to stand fast against the Fascist aggressors. We call for a unified Arab stand against the US and Israeli policy of occupation and aggression in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. We call upon all freedom loving forces to increase protests against the assault on Lebanon and to call for an immediate stop of all actions of war against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples.