To the Editors:

Good People,

One can find online at a statement "En defensa de Cuba." If you do not read Spanish, clicking on the middle flag will translate the statement into English.

The statement condemns the economic and media assault that Cuba is being subjected to as an act against the human and political rights of a people that decided to forge a different path.

The signers demand respect for the internal processes of the Cuban people in deciding and exercising its democracy, and adherence to the universal principles of no intervention, in accordance with the United Nations.

As I type this email the statement lists 21,721 signers, but only 605 signers from the USA. And if you examine the list, you will note that a few of the USA signatures are duplicates. The duplications are obvious and obviously unintentional.

Does this small number of signatures mean that the people of our country do not believe in justice? Or that they are afraid to speak out? Or that they believe the lies about Cuba that are being spread by the media assault, the Empire and it rulers? If the latter is the case, we have a lot of work to do to combat the media assault.

I think that maybe many who oppose imperialism do not know about this statement. That is why I am writing to you. If your name is listed above, I did not notice it when I looked at the list of signers. I could have overlooked it, or you may have signed since I began this email. But if you have not signed, I urge that you sign the statement and that you get others to sign.



John W. Stanford

San Antonio, Texas

April 17, 2020