In the meeting of the Central Committee held in São Paulo on November 26-28, the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) approved a document in defense of peace advocating the dismantlement of the aggressive North Atlantic pact, which turned into a hegemonic tool of American imperialism and European powers.

Gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 19 and 20, the summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO, the main military tool of great imperialist powers, approved a "new strategic concept" for the alliance. NATO is today the main war machine at the service of American imperialism and its European allies.

With a budget that amounts to more than two thirds of the military spending of all the countries of the world, having more than 70 tactical nuclear weapons at its disposal that are more powerful than those used to attack Hiroshima, NATO is involved in almost all current wars and, contrary to its rhetoric, it is the main instrument of international destabilization, threatening sovereign nations and peace in the world. The attacks against former Yugoslavia and the current wars against Iraq and Afghanistan are among the recent and major criminal acts of NATO.

The so-called "new strategic concept" is the essence that grants NATO a mandate to take action in a global scale, far beyond the borders of its members. The new concept introduced new pretexts for its aggressive actions, such as energy security, the prevention of cyber attacks, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, international "terrorism," drug trafficking, climatic changes, migrations, among others. Moreover, it involves the constitution of an anti-missile shield in Europe.

For the Communist Party of Brazil, the consolidation of a "new strategic concept" for NATO is related to a broader outlook of crisis and transformations affecting the world today. The structural economic crisis that the capitalist system is undergoing, with great repercussions in the USA and European countries, is part of this outlook, as well as the policy of a currency exchange and commercial war recently established by the USA.

Therefore, turning NATO into a police force acting globally is part of imperialism’s strategy of avoiding the emergence and consolidation of countries and unions of countries searching for independent and sovereign development, as in the case of South and Latin America, which must dispute the hegemony of imperialist powers and the current unfair international order. In moments of crisis when hegemony is fought for, imperialism always attempts to display its power, threatening with the use of its military force against peoples and nations.

In face of NATO’s strategy of expansion, South America finds itself threatened by the reiterated efforts made by the "Atlantic Alliance" in order to "cooperate" in the security of the peaceful South Atlantic waters and make use of the Falkland Islands, illegally occupied by the United Kingdom , as a base for its operations. NATO’s interests in our waters are clear: the vast reserves of oil discovered in South Atlantic waters by Brazil. They also want to position its warships in a commercial route of growing importance.

The Communist Party of Brazil – PCdoB, repudiates NATO and its "new strategic concept" and reaffirms that the alliance is an enemy of peace and the sovereignty of nations. At the same time, Brazilian communists firmly support the attitude of the Brazilian government of reproving any kind of presence of NATO in the South Atlantic waters, sympathizing with anti-imperialist and peace-loving forces that led the journeys of struggle against NATO that took place on November 20 in Portugal and other parts of the world.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil
With information provided by PCdoB’s Secretary of International Relations


December 9, 2010