Dear Comrades of the KSM,

The Communist Party, USA expresses its concern and outrage at the anti-democratic dissolution of your organization, the Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic.

The assault on the KSM is an assault on democracy, an assault on all of those who seek to join together to create a better world, and to defeat the ideologues of capitalism and extremism who have taken over greater portions of the world since the fall of the Soviet Union.

This is part of a long-running campaign of anti-Communism in Europe and the United States. The deplorable attempts to introduce the anti-Communist bill into the European parliament, the disturbing-to say the least-speech made by the American vice-president linking Communism and fascism and the speeches made by U.S. President Bush declaring that extremist religious terrorists are somehow today the successors to the "failed Communist ideology of the 20th century," we see signs of that campaign everywhere.

While the Czech interior ministry listed all sorts of technicalities as reasons to ban KSM, the simple reason, as we all know, that your heroic organization was banned was its advocacy of Marxism-Leninism and its goal of transforming the barbaric capitalist order into the more humane world of socialism.
The Communist Party USA resolutely applauds the decision of the KSM to take the courageous stand of maintaining its organization in the face of serious government repression. We offer you our solidarity and will do all that we can to ensure that the anti-democratic action taken by the Czech Interior Ministry is reversed.

The anti-Communist campaigns are not a sign of strength, but of weakness, of the forces opposed to democracy. They have unleashed these campaigns simply because they want to divert from attention from the fact that their system, capitalism, offers the people nothing. And they are also worried by fact that the KSM, and the Communist Parties and youth organizations of the Czech Republic and the world, are, instead of getting weaker and disappearing as they had expected in 1991, are actually getting stronger.

Once again, we express our fraternal solidarity, our commitment to help your struggle, and our strong conviction that you will win.

With warm comradely greetings,

National Committee
Communist Party USA

Secretary, International Department
Communist Party, USA