By Tribuna Popular

CARACAS, September 13, 2023 (Tribuna Popular Newsroom) – An international team of jurists for the defense of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) will be formed soon, announced last Monday the Secretary General of the Central Committee, Oscar Figuera.

This proposal was the result of an international legal forum held  September 7 in Caracas with the participation of lawyers from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, United States and Venezuela, sponsored by the High Studies Institute Bolivar Marx.

This forum, explained Figuera “clearly demonstrated the illegal and unconstitutional nature of Ruling Nº1160 of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, which authorizes the assault, the robbery, the usurpation of the legal personality of the Communist Party of Venezuela to hand over the name and symbols of our organization, to mercenaries at the service of the worst interests of capital”.

“The international jurists pointed out that not only are the political rights of the Communist Party and its militancy at risk, but that there is a flagrant violation of the Constitution and therefore the collective rights of the Venezuelan people are being affected”, he added.

The General Secretary detailed that the proposal to constitute a team of lawyers from different latitudes has been positively assessed by the Political Bureau of the PCV.

“The Communist Party evaluated and assumed the proposal to place its experiences, time and capacity for the international defense of the PCV. Consequently, the Political Bureau has decided to accept this offer of solidarity support and to constitute an international legal team to evaluate the institutional situation at the level of international organizations and to guide the Communist Party in initiatives in defense of the political rights of the Venezuelan people, of the militancy of the Communist Party of Venezuela and in defense of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”, stated Figuera.

Balance of Maduro’s economic program

The PCV recently participated in an economic forum organized by the organizations of the National Gathering in Defense of the People’s Rights to analyze the impact of the program of economic recovery, growth and prosperity, imposed by the citizen President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, as of 2018.

The economist and former minister Oly Millán; the General Secretary of the United Federation of Oil Workers; the sociologist Ángel Arias and the philosopher Carlos Lazo participated in this event.

“We value as successful the Economic Forum on this program that we can affirm meant the officialization of the neoliberal package executed by the government of President Nicolás Maduro”, said Figuera.

“Whatever little or much the economy has been activated is not to improve the wages and salaries of the workers. It is not to recover the social benefits of the workers. It is not to guarantee the rights to collective bargaining, to the reorganization of the labor and union movement from an autonomous, independent perspective, but it is to stop it in the interests of the sectors of capital,” he added.

Censorship and criminalization of the struggles

The Communist Party of Venezuela expressed its solidarity with the prominent journalist Manuel Isidro Molina, whose program on the radio station Radio Torpical was closed down by orders of the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel).

The reasons for this closure lie in the fact that “the program is critical of the anti-democratic, anti-popular, anti-worker policies applied by the government”.

“Censorship continues and in the face of censorship we must maintain the unity of the people and build all direct channels among our people to respond to the bureaucratic and repressive measures”, said Figuera.

“Our solidarity with Manuel Isidro Molina and also with Radio Tropical, which is forced to adopt decisions contrary to its own editorial line”, he added.

The PCV also reiterated its rejection of the detention of the young anthropology student John Alvarez, who was also tortured to involve and accuse social fighters of false facts.

“We condemn this conduct, which is a deliberate part of a policy aimed at trying to intimidate our people”, said the leader.

In this same line of denunciation, the Political Bureau of the PCV also demanded respect for the physical integrity and constitutional rights of journalist Luis Alejandro Acosta and his immediate release.

The Amazonas state journalists’ union denounced that last Friday, Acosta was arrested in the Yapacana National Park, where he was carrying out investigations on illegal mining.

“We already know about the formulation of rigged files to justify later judicial measures against those who denounce government irregularities”, warned Figuera.

Increase of labor accidents

The PCV denounced the death of two workers of the poultry slaughterhouse Los Llanos de Barinas when they fell inside a chicken processing plant.

 A new work accident has caused the death of Venezuelan workers; it is a consequence of the absence of the Venezuelan State to enforce the Organic Law of Prevention, Conditions and Work Environment”.

The deceased are Magdiel Lizardo Hernández, 48 years old, and José Miguel Martínez, 38 years old. Three other workers were injured: Francisco Javier Cantero, 48, Darwin Leonardo Gutiérrez, 22, and Enderson Leonardo González, 19