Text of the International Solidarity resolution unanimously adopted at the 23rd Congress of the CPI

1.International solidarity has always been one of the central principles at the heart of the Communist Party of Ireland’s ideology. We see as central the importance of giving political and material support to the struggles of oppressed nations and peoples across the world, to support those people struggling in the front line against imperialism and solidarity to those nations and peoples building socialism. In this context the party sets itself the following particular tasks.

2.Promotion of international relations based on peace, social justice and economic development through support for a strengthened democratised UN and opposition to the imposition of a ‘new world order’ through the armed aggression and economic expansionism of US imperialism.

3.The US imperialist aggression and occupation has brought untold suffering to the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq. Our party will continue to work in the international struggle against those occupations and for the immediate withdrawal of the occupation forces. In particular we commit ourselves to opposing the servile and total backing by the British Government to US aggression and the shameful collaboration of the Irish government in providing the use of Shannon airport for the transit of warplanes carrying troops, weapons and probably prisoners.

4.The oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli state intensifies. Gaza and the West Bank are turned into prison camps, surrounded by the high apartheid style wall, subject to bombardment by artillery and air force. The immunity of the Israeli state is thanks to the protection of the US government and the support of the EU enables it to continue in its blatant disregard for UN resolutions. We support all those within the occupied territories and the state of Israel involved in the struggle for a just and lasting peace, We support the call for a boycott of Israeli goods and of academic links.

5.We commit ourselves to work in solidarity with the militant people of Cuba who despite a forty year blockade and acts of terrorism carried out against the revolution remain committed to its socialist path. Cuba remains a beacon of liberty and resistance to imperialism for Latin America and the world. Cuban doctors and other medical personnel are now the in the front ranks fighting for a new world. We demand the ending of the illegal blockade of Cuba by both the United States and the European Union. We support the campaign for the release of the "Miami Five" held in US prisons for their work in combating terrorism.

6.The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, led by Hugo Chavez has opened a new stage in the resistance of the peoples of Latin America to US imperialism. It has faced the unremitting hostility and dirty tricks of the US, aided by the EU. Ireland as a part of the EU maintains a hostile attitude to Venezuela, as to Cuba. Our Party is committed to popularising the immense social achievements of the Bolivarian revolution and defending it from attack.

7.The forcing of neo-liberal economic policies on the poor countries of the world by the imperialist powers is intensifying the extreme poverty of their peoples, leaving them open to robbery by the great transnational corporations. This is accompanied by a hypocritical expression of concern by political leaders in the west, aided by certain Irish pop singers. The Irish are willing participants in this plunder, albeit as subservient junior partner. While the British ruling class unable to come to terms with the demise of its own empire tags alone in a junior role the US imperialism. We support genuine fair trade between the peoples of free and sovereign states as the means to open the way to real development in the interests of people not profit.

8.As part of the European left we will strive to co-operate with other communist and workers’ party’s and other progressive forces to find unity of action and struggle against the imperialist agenda of the EU.

9.Throughout the world the schemes of imperialism are meeting with a wide variety of forms of resistance from many diverse forces, not least from within their own countries. We pay special tribute to the brave and tenacious peace movement in the US. Our party is determined to play a part in this struggle internationally and at home.

10.We extend our solidarity to Communist Parties across the world struggling to defend and advance the interest of the working class and the fight against imperialism. We salute the efforts of the Greek and Portuguese communists in their efforts to bring greater unity and co-operation among communists and workers party’s of the world.