In the Coming from Left Field podcast  (April  7, 2021 at Coming From Left Field) Greg Godels and Pat Cummings welcome American historian  Roger Keeran. Dr. Keeran is now Professor Emeritus of the Empire State College at SUNY after retiring in 2013.  He has taught at Cornell, Princeton, Rutgers, and the State University of New York.  In 1980 he  published  The Communist Party and the Autoworkers Unions  which  forever changed the historical understanding of the birth of the UAW.  Keeran demonstrated the extent to which the very formation of a solid and permanent industrial union in the automobile industry depended upon the dedication of a cadre of individuals whose own social vision far transcended the union movement itself.

Podcast link on YouTube: 07-Labor History and the US Communist Party with guest Roger Keeran