Aporrea, Tribuna Popular

May 13, 2023


A delegation of the Argentine Communist Party stood in front of the embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Buenos Aires to send a note of repudiation to the plan of assault that the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the government of Nicolás Maduro are carrying out against the Communist Party of Venezuela.

The communication addressed to the head of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in the Argentine capital denounced the attacks that have been taking place against the PCV which have worsened with the offensive led by the vice-president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, with a view to intervene and assault the leadership of the PCV.

“The solidarity of the Argentine communists is going to be present every time the anti-working class and anti-popular government of Nicolás Maduro wants to advance against the vanguard party of the Venezuelan working class: the Communist Party of Venezuela,” declared the South American communist organization.

This action is part of the international solidarity initiatives that have been registered in different parts of the world in recent months and that had a special milestone last May 1st when various communist and workers’ organizations of Europe and Latin America made protest stops and public statements at the events of the International Day of Struggle of the Working Class to reject the maneuvers against the PCV.

Recently, the Executive Committee of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain issued a communiqué in which they denounced “an elaborate plan that has the purpose of judicial intervention” in the PCV with the aim of “imposing foreign figures” on the communist organization.

The PCPE repudiated “the intoxicating campaign against the PCV” and described the PSUV plan as “perverse, macabre and with gangster elements”.

From Colombia, the historic Semanario Voz, published a note describing details of the assault plan against the PCV and vindicated the right of the oldest of the Venezuelan political parties, the CP Venezuela,  “to exist and fight”.

In Brazil, O Poder Popular, the newspaper of the Brazilian Communist Party, reviewed the maneuvers carried out by the PSUV leadership against Venezuelan communists, ranging from defamation and slander, to the financing of mercenaries to usurp symbols of the PCV; including the curtailment of the right of Deputy Oscar Figuera to speak in the National Assembly.