By the Parti Revolutionnaire Communiste, France

Bulletin No43 Février (February) 2024  


The development of the imperialist war on the territory of Ukraine which is beginning its third year [1] is marked by an escalation in the policies of rearmament, preparation of populations for an extension of the conflict, to a militarization of social and economic activities and a marked tendency to restrict freedoms.

The editorial of the newspaper Les Echos of March 6 sets the tone by asserting: “As horrible as it is, we must make the war an opportunity from which we will reap the dividends .” Everything is said in a few words in this short sentence: war must be a means for capitalists to raise profit rates to the detriment, of course, of wage labor. This reality is not new, it is in the very logic of capitalism for which war is a means of destroying excess capital, impoverishing employees and opening a new period of growth of profits and accumulation of capital. . What Jean Jaurès summed up in his time with the famous formula: “Capitalism carries war within itself as the cloud carries the storm.”

Macron, as representative of capitalist interests, does not do or say anything else when he imposes a burden of more than 400 billion on the nation to increase military budgets and when he affirms the need to send ground troops in Ukraine. Certainly, each of the media commentators in the service of capital has their own hypothesis: they are already there (open secret), it is a medium and/or long term hypothesis and we must talk about it to prepare minds for a more advanced commitment of France in the imperialist war! Speaking about it, it is significant that one of the favorite verbs in Macron’s speeches today is that of rearming and this in all areas as opposed to responding to the needs of the population.

In the imperialist system, this slogan to rearm becomes general. In the United States the Bidens (and/or Trump), in the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak, in Germany Olaf Scholtz, in Italy Georgia Meloni…in Russia Vladimir V. Putin, in China Xi Jin Ping, in Japan Fumio Kishida, all push for rearmament policies to the detriment of their people.

In relation to this situation, what should our political battle line be? Align ourselves with our imperialist or with the one opposite? In the complex conditions of the rise towards armed confrontation within imperialism, many workers are wondering what they should do in this situation. We tell them that they have nothing to gain by taking one side over another by following their ruling forces. On the contrary, they must denounce the imperialist war which is looming, demand France’s exit from the imperialist alliance that is NATO and its destruction and amplify the class battle for peace and socialism.