Message of Hugo Chávez to the Congress

On the closing day of the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, I would like to extend my sincerest regards, full of revolutionary fervour, on behalf of the people of Simón Bolívar and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Today is April 19, and it is necessary that we recall what we have been, in order to understand what we are and what we want to be.

On April 19, 1810, Caracas set a precedent as Venezuela spearheaded the independence movement in Latin America, taking on a revolutionary action that overthrew the Spanish colonialism. It was the splendid beginning of a new Homeland. A day of civil and military revolution: the first day of our Revolution.

And on April 19, 1961, in less than 72 hours of constant battles, the Cuban Revolution achieved a resounding victory over the US-sponsored Bay of Pigs mercenary invasion: 50 years ago, the bravery of the people of José Martí handed the US imperialism its first defeat in the continent. Cuba’s victory on that memorable day of 1961 became a victory for the whole Latin American continent.

Therefore, there’s no better day that this day to celebrate the closing ceremony of this unquestionably important Congress.

The Cuban people are used to enduring the barrage of powerful and devastating hurricanes: and they have managed to overcome them all, and always rise tall in the face of adversity. But there’s a hurricane they have never fought against, and that is the hurricane of ideas that stem from their passionate and liberal souls.

Not in vain this people incarnate the inspiring ideals of Apostle José Martí: "Trenches of ideas are worth more than trenches of stone" There’s absolutely nothing that can bring down a wall of ideas. An energetic idea is powerful enough to stop a whole army.

And that is precisely where the greatness of the Cuban people lies. This is why it is today the most vivid representation of the Apostle’s noble aspiration when he envisioned a real people and new methods, where an emancipated life entailed respecting peoples’ rights and living in peace.

Our eyes and ears have been attentive to all the discussions held within the framework of this Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party. And the conclusions we are able to draw from them will become study material for all revolutionary men and women, not only from Venezuela, but also from all Latin America and that immense Homeland we call Humanity.

The inspiring force that emanates from Fidel is felt here: the force of that giant who, defying imperialism, dared to proclaim the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution 50 years ago. And there’s no better person than him to remind us that socialist ideals are not the cause of our problems; errors are made by men in their daily actions.

As we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Signing of Cuba-Venezuela Integral Cooperation Agreement in November last year, I had the honor of attending the preparatory meeting leading up to this Sixth Congress. I was given by Raul the second copy of the Draft Guidelines for the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution: a project that was submitted to discussion among millions of Cubans over the last few months.

The opinions and suggestions presented by the people where taken into consideration, showing a genuine example of democracy to the eyes of the world. As Raúl wisely remarked in that extraordinary document which is the Central Report of the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party: It would not be unfounded to say that the Congress, in its essence, was already held, following such fruitful discussions with the population.

The essence of socialism, as we all know, lies in the inextricable merit of sharing and discussing its fundamentals and purposes, if we really want it to incarnate our realities in the most revolutionary way possible. And this happens for two main reasons: first, because of the responsibility of always being immersed in a process of radical transformations; and second, because the enemies of our happiness have never stopped orchestrating strategies to weaken us, and ultimately, destroy us.

Enhancing the rigor of debates and advancing our revolutionary ideals are the best weapons we have to face our destiny.

Long ago the Spanish empire, and today the US empire, with its hegemonic practices, leave a sad imprint on our history; but the peoples will not rest until they finally achieve a world of justice, peace and equality. That is why, as Bolivar said, making a revolution is the only alternative to achieve our goals.

The destiny of our peoples largely depends on what we are able to achieve from this time of crucial debates within the Congress, peoples who have no other alternative than continue fighting until the end to build true Homelands.

That’s what unites Cuba and Venezuela, and makes them share their joys and hopes as sister nations; that’s why we will always support the heroic people who, as few people in history, have demonstrated to be courageous enough to never give up the fight in the pursuit of freedom.

Cuba and Venezuela are walking side by side along a path they have built together in order to vindicate the much sought after dream of Latin American unity championed by independence heroes Bolivar and Marti, because they have still a lot to do in Latin America.

Let us remember Marti when he said that "We must become impregnable in order to become invincible" and let us embrace this ideal. Taking this ideal as our fundamental premise, an ideal that entails ideological clarity and strong commitment to the dream of a freedom, sovereignty and independence, we extend a greeting to the Congress which, we are convinced, will serve to consolidate and strengthen the Cuban Revolution; and to show the world, once again, that socialism is indeed the only way possible to save humanity.


April 20, 2011