The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia(NKPJ) was greatly saddened and terribly upset to learn of the strangulation of the Serbia and Montenegro state. In actual fact the Montenegro’s independence "vote" doctored by the European Union is a foul play.

We will therefore readily fall in with the Common State Bloc and reject the "vote" straightaway.

Numerous irrefutable facts prove that the secession of Montenegro had been brokered by the Djukanovic’s separatists, the leaders of the European Union and the United States.

Evidence of this is manifest first of all in the efforts and measures taken by the government in Podgorica on the eve of and in the course of the "vote" with its western mentors helpfully standing by.

Even the wording of the independence "vote" was leading in favor of dissolution of the Union.

Whats more, to accomplish their aim, the organizers of the "vote" had to take resort to gross fabrications, with the active assistance of the EU representatives Lajcik and Lipka.

For the people of Serbia and Montenegro the community of state is the destiny as is sharing good times and bad. The idea of unity will live forever and will outlive the secessionists and traitors of every color.

23 May 2006 Belgrade 
On behalf of the NKPJ 
[signed] Branko Kitanovic