The statement by TKP (Communist Party of Turkey) Central Committee on the 75th anniversary of NATO.

April 4, 2024


Today, 4th April 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of NATO’s establishment. No matter how much the governments, parliaments and corporate media of NATO member countries try to paint a glorious past for this organization, its foundation is nothing to be celebrated: NATO is one of the worst things that ever happened to humanity.

NATO inflicted harm beyond count not only to the peoples they considered “enemies” but also to the peoples of the member countries. With 75 years of history filled with human massacres and annihilation of cities, NATO persists in devising new plans which will certainly lead to further massacres today.

Today’s world continues to suffer from aggressive expansion of capital as well as ever-intensifying competition among the imperialists and NATO plots to add even larger tolls to already violent wars and conflicts infesting the globe.

Building upon the damned tradition of Menderes, then prime minister of Turkey who sent young soldiers to Korea, offering their blood as an admission fee for NATO, the capitalist ruling class and the bourgeois parties of the system (whether they stand ruling or opposition, right-wing or left-wing) continue to portray NATO as a protective umbrella for security of Turkey.

Shuttling between Washington and Brussels, the security bureaucracy of Turkey strives to hand the reins to the US and to NATO. Claiming to be “indigenous and national” the AKP Government stands firm in its NATO-centric position while the “opposition” in the Parliament acts as a notary clerk for NATO expansion and the perpetrator of NATO’s bloody schemes through NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly.

NATO is not a protective umbrella but the number one security threat to Turkey and to the world. NATO is a ruthless terrorist organization that constantly conspires for new invasions and wars, interferes in the domestic affairs of countries, carries out coup d’états, assassinations, and pockets collaborating politicians and journalists to achieve these goals.

NATO committed countless massacres throughout its 75 years of history and was only truly challenged by the working class and people. Communists took charge in people’s struggle against the aggressions of NATO and its collaborators since day one. Communist Party of Turkey will remain adamant in its struggle against this vicious organization and will raise the flag of anti-imperialism high in its fight for liberation of humanity.

Because humanity deserves to live without wars or exploitation. 

Down with NATO!

Down with imperialism!

Communist Party of Turkey

Central Committee