By Jose  A. Amesty R.

January 11, 2021


Television and various news media in Cuba have just denounced and shown the connections between the National Endowment for Democracy, NED, and the financing from the United States of subversive campaigns against heroic Cuba, allocating millions of dollars . The NED itself, on its website, acknowledges that it is fundamentally funded by the US Congress.

The NED, according to data obtained from its official website, is a private non-profit organization (founded in 1983) dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions in the world. With funding from the US Congress, it sponsors more than 1,000 projects of non-governmental groups abroad. However, as multiple organizations and countries have denounced, their objective is to weaken governments that resist US policies.

“It began its work in early 1984, as a “Non-Governmental” institution, with the fundamental mission of “assisting the development of democratic institutions, procedures and values ​​in other countries, through the financial support of projects aimed at expanding economic freedom….”.

It was designed to give continuity to the secret actions of the CIA, specifically to the Political Action Operations, an element declared publicly in 1991 by Allen Weinstein, historian and first president of the NED, when he asserted: “Much of what we do today in the NED, the CIA was already doing it 25 years ago in a covert way ”.

For example, since 2007, the NED supported access to the Internet, Wi-Fi and cell phones in “authoritarian countries” such as Cuba, facilitating greater communication and interaction between counterrevolutionary groups. In this strategy, the NED recognizes that in its work for the next few years it will face different “challenges”, one of them is to support the “democrats” in “highly repressive societies” such as Cuba.

Likewise, the NED has invested, according to public information that appears on its website, between 2006 and 2010, a total of 7,946,650 dollars to promote the Cuban counterrevolution. There will be abundant money to promote subversion against Cuba.

On the other hand, in 2010, the NED allocated $ 2,449,340 to the so-called Cuban “Civil Society”, distributed to: International Republican Institute (IRI): $ 800,000, Cuba Net News Inc .: $ 239,434, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs ( NDI): $ 325,000, International Group for Corporate Social Responsibility in Cuba (GIRSCC): $ 200,000, Cuban Democratic Directorate (Board of Directors): $ 175,000, Afro-Cuban Alliance, Inc .: $ 110,000, Clovek V Tisni, ops (People in Need) ( PIN): $ 103,875, Asociación Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana: $ 91,000, Committee for Free Trade Unionism (CFTU): $ 90,000, Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America: $ 60,000, Evangelical Christian Humanitarian Outreach for Cuba (ECHOcuba): $ 60,064, Center for a Free Cuba: $ 55,000, Universal Dissident of Puerto Rico: $ 50,000,Political Institute for Freedom Peru (IPL): $ 49,967, People in Peril Association CVO (PIPA): $ 40,000.

The intention is the statement of José Martí: “Honor and heart are easily exchanged for money.”

The sectors to which they tried and intend to direct their ideological incidence are young people, blacks and mulattos, women in social disadvantage, education, culture, unions and, of course, the reproduction of news, to seek a media status of chaos, which justifies the overthrow of the Cuban system with the interventionist support of external forces.

In 2015, the Along the Malecón site, by journalist Tracey Eaton, published the list of organizations that received funding for a total value of almost $ 4 million for regime change programs in Cuba, through the US government organization National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Young Cubans are the main recipients of these programs, while communication, with funding of $ 2,098,312, and political activity in the communities ($ 673,362) are the areas of greatest interest for the subversive projects against the island of the North American government.

The programs are not only run covertly in Cuba, where these operations are illegal, but also include the recruitment of personnel in third countries, often without warning these individuals of the risk they are running.

In 2016, it was revealed that the sites Cubanet Noticias and Diario de Cuba, both with well-defined objectives to stimulate and amplify the anti-Cuban policy developed by the government of the United States, in its purpose of dismantling socialism.

In response to this disclosure, Cubanet responded that it is indeed financially sponsored by the NED, but that the Foundation has not influenced its editorial policy.

The NED’s strategy against Cuba in recent years has been the recurrent effort to attract young people who dabble in contemporary art forms, but the works of the few who have been able to capture are characterized by bad taste and mediocrity . Among its main figures are a failed rocker who promotes pornography as a supposed right of the people, a graffiti artist imprisoned in Miami for an aggravated sexual offense, an installation and performance artist who covered herself naked with the bloody rib of a beef, and Others who recently, in an “artistic” performance in front of the Capitol, smeared their bodies and faces with human excrement; as is the case of San Isidro.

Likewise, it is striking, for example, that in the latest NED budget substantial figures are assigned in dollars to promote independent cinema in Cuba. We already know what this means, a cinema that in the best of cases would not be critical but hypercritical of Cuban reality and the support it would receive from foreign agencies would be in direct proportion to its effectiveness in distorting this reality. What is the reason for this interest in promoting the short film in Cuba?

What makes it attractive for the objectives of the NED, is the capacity of the short film for the reproduction of values ​​and ideologies, especially the one that offers a visual interpretation of a musical theme, or video clip, which is, by far, the audiovisual format most consumed by youth around the world.

The culture industry is the means that the enemy tries to use as a transmitting agent of his worldview and ideology, to impose his way of living and thinking, and to exert his control over the hearts and minds of young people.

Until now then, we have confirmed the financing of the NED against Cuba, especially now, in the media field.

Recently, USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and NED announced their most recent program called “Support for the human rights of Cuban medical workers”, which is related to a new hoax directed against Cuban internationalist aid workers.

In practice, they aspire to organize small “Task Forces” of spies and provocateurs as part of a subversive operation, under the direct control of the USAID-NED offices and the US embassies in third countries, in close association with the CIA. and other Yankee Special Services.

These devices, under cover of USAID-NED, will pay for dirty propaganda campaigns and any provocation or threat against Cuban aid workers, including petty incitement to abandon missions.

The new interventionist maneuver of the USAID-NED is aimed at trying to damage international cooperation agreements, such as in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, pressuring the departure of Cubans and damaging the image of internationalist work in health and education , which constitute a challenge in the face of Yankee arrogance and an example of solidarity and altruism with Latin America and the world.

As the title of the article indicates, both the NED-USAID are inhuman beasts that are determined to assiduously attack heroic Cuba, but they do not realize the resistance of the people, who do not break down in the face of so many merciless attacks. It will not be the songs of sirens, who will seduce the Cuban Nation, but together with Martí and Fidel, they will continue to prosper, independently, building their future.


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