Though the anniversary of the exact date of the socialist revolution in Russia, November 7, 1917, has come and gone, there continues to be a stream of commemorations of the influence of that epoch-defining event on our world and our times, a century later.

One such commemoration takes the form of a new (Feb. 2018) pamphlet Latin American Views of the Russian Revolution.

The introduction by William T. Whitney , Jr. overall editor, explains that the purpose of the pamphlet is to expand awareness by North American readers of the thought of socialist thinkers and activists in contemporary Latin America and awareness of Latin America as an arena of revolutionary struggle.

An essay by Atilio Boron The Russian Revolution: Achievements, Defeats, Errors examines the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian Revolution and reflects on Left-leaning political movements in Latin America today.

Whitney himself,  in Che Guevara’s Road to Revolution, surveys Che Guevara’s idiosyncratic revolutionary thought and practice, including Che’s ideas on how oppressed peopled gain political awareness.

Copies of the illustrated pamphlet (37) pages  are available  at $4 each.  Contact  <atwhit@>,  or write to 102 Twitchell Road, South Paris, Maine 04281.