Ten Communist parties working cooperatively for some time with the aim of “creating a new Communist pole in the world left” have started to publish a common international theoretical journal.

Ten Communist parties from various regions of the world have started to publish a new theoretical journal named “International Communist Review.” The editorial of the first issue put forward the goals as, “the ideological-political unity of the communist movement on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, the defense of the achievements for the world working class of the first attempt in history to build socialism and generation of a common view in order to revive the strategic goal, socialism.”

The editorial board of the journal is composed of the those managing the corresponding theoretical publications of the ten parties. These parties are: Workers’ Party of Belgium; Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain; Socialist Party of Latvia; Communist Party of Luxembourg; Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party; Party of the Communists, Mexico; Russian Communist Workers’ Party; Communist Party of Turkey; Communist Party of Venezuela; and Communist Party of Greece.

The first issue of the journal covers the global economic crisis and the effects of the crisis on particular countries.

An article from Turkey entitled “Political Transformation of Turkey and Global Economic Crisis” written by Alper Birdal, editor of Gelenek journal, appears in the first issue.

The journal will be published in English, Spanish, Russian and Greek. Its web address is http://www.iccr.gr/site/en.htm The journal can be contacted at  email: intcommunistr1917@gmail.com.

November 22, 2009