Statement of the German Communist Party

February 15, 2022

No to war in Donbass!

In recent weeks, the aggressive policy of NATO, the USA, and the German government against the Russian Federation has been intensified. More and more troops from NATO countries, including the Bundeswehr, are stationed in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border, in Poland, and in the Baltic countries, while Russia, in the view of NATO and the German government, is not allowed to station its troops in its own country. Due to this policy of the West, the danger of war in Europe is increasing considerably.

Western war propaganda and war policy is exacerbated by the fact that Russia is accused of planning a war against Ukraine. In fact, however, it is Ukraine that has been waging a war with Western support for nearly eight years against the Donbass, where people rose up in 2014 against a Western-backed coup by nationalist and pro-fascist forces. In this war, week after week, people in the Donbass’s People’s Republics are being injured and killed, and housing and infrastructure are being destroyed. One of the goals pursued by NATO and the USA in supporting this coup is continuing the military encirclement of Russia. This is being consistently pursued even today, despite all the offers made by the Russian Federation concerning negotiations on common security.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Ukraine is supported by the EU and NATO, especially the German government, in its complete sabotage of the Minsk agreements, which provide for direct negotiations between Ukraine and the People’ s Republics of the Donbass on a political solution to the conflict. Contrary to what is often claimed by NATO and the German government, the Russian Federation is not a party to the conflict in these negotiations, but has the role of a guarantor state on the same level as Germany and France.

In recent months, the arms deliveries of some NATO countries to Ukraine have increased considerably; accordingly, Ukraine’s provocations towards the Donbass are being intensified again. According to statements by the German government, Germany has also supported the coup government in Kiev with several billion US dollars since 2014.

In this situation, our comrades from the Donetsk People’s Republic declare:

The Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic urges all sister parties and organizations to raise protest against Kiev’s fomenting of war and to draw the attention of the international public to the social misery produced by imperialism.

No to the war in the Donbass!

Yes to the self-determination of the DPR and LPR!

We join this call for action and declare our solidarity with our comrades in the Donbass. The people in the Donbass must be able to decide their own fate in peace.

We demand from the German government:

– No arms deliveries and no military aid of any kind to Ukraine.
– An end to political support for the Kiev regime.
– Out of NATO – peace with Russia and China!