The imperialist aggressions and contradictions in the region of Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean are increased intensively towards Syria for more than a year now.

The developing imperialist intervention together with the imperialist infighting and contradicting agendas form an increasing danger on the peoples of the region.

The latest aggression was instrumented by the Turkish state recently, when the Turkish parliament authorized the Turkish military to proceed with “cross border operations” against Syria “when necessary”. The Turkish government not only wants to upgrade its role as a promoter of the interests of NATO in the region, but also as a regional force.

All this developments cannot be seen separately from the plan of USA, NATO and their allies (regional and international) to create the so called “New Middle East”. The interests of the monopolies are focused on who will take the biggest share of the re-arranged Middle East.

Last week the Turkish aggression was backed by NATO via its General Secretary. At the same time tensions in the Turkish Syrian borders are increasing.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth once again condemns the imperialist aggression towards Syria. We underline that the developments and the imperialist aggression towards Syria is not only dangerous for the Syrian people but for the peoples of the wider region, as the complexity of the imperialist interests are revealing.

We call our member organizations, everyone young man and woman around the world to express their opposition to another imperialist war.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth emphasizes the fact that the interests and the will of the Syrian people can and must be decided by themselves, away from foreign threats, interventions and war.

Once again we express our full support and solidarity to the struggle of the Syrian youth.

Budapest, October 18, 2012

The Central Committee of WFDY.