Statement by Jerónimo de Sousa , General Secretary of the Portuguese Communist party

May 25, 2014

The increase in the dimension and electoral influence of CDU [Portuguese: Coligação Democrática Unitária or CDU is an electoral and political coalition between the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) and the Ecologist Party “The Greens”]: – from 10.7% to more than 12% – and the increase in the number of seats with the election of a third MP (even more important since it was gained despite the reduction of the total number of Portuguese MPs) represents one of the most significant electoral successes of CDU for the European Parliament, the most significant in the last 25 years.

It also means a factor of confidence to affirm not only the need but also the possibility of, by strengthening CDU, paving the way for a patriotic and left-wing political alternative, to break with the right-wing policy that PS [Socialist Party] , PSD [Social Democratic Party]  and CDS [People’s Party]  have for decades imposed on the country

The result obtained by CDU which is first and foremost a victory of confidence and hope over resignation and fatalism, a victory of truth over falsehoods, a clear assertion of the popular will and the strength to take into their hands the construction of a better and worthier  future.

A result which, confirming the electoral growth in successive elections is also an expression of the contribution given by CDU with its votes but also with its information and mobilization for the heavy defeat suffered in these elections by the parties in government, PSD and CDS.

The results now known confirm an unequivocal defeat of the ruling parties and a severe condemnation of their policy. A result that expresses, in electoral terms, the unmistakeable political and social isolation of the PSD / CDS-PP government for which the struggle of the workers and the Portuguese people and consistent intervention by the forces that comprise CDU, gave the most decisive contribution.

Giving expression to the current of condemnation of the government and the troika policy, the PCP today announces – after informing the components of CDU – its decision to table a motion of censure of the Government. A censure of a policy and practice of permanent confrontation with the Constitution of the Republic, trampling of the laws and compromising the normal functioning of the institutions.

A motion of censure that is also a censure and condemnation of the policies of the troika and of the manoeuvres to maintain through other means, using the Budgetary Treaty that PS, PSD and CDS imposed and support, the same course of exploitation, impoverishment and dependence.

A motion all the more timely and urgent since in recent days, despite all the propaganda about the economic miracle and that “clean exit”, data are piling confirming the course of economic disaster (debt, budget deficit, exports) and the government is preparing in a “flight forward” to launch a new assault on wages and rights as confirmed by the Fiscal Strategy Paper.

The scale of the defeat of the PSD and CDS-PP – the lowest vote ever achieved by these parties — leaves no room for another reading that is not a clear rebuke by the Portuguese people and an unambiguous statement of national demand for the resignation of the present government and the dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic. There is no protective hand by Cavaco Silva [Portugal’s President] to give legitimacy and political credibility to this government. The strong political condemnation now seen leaves the President of the Republic, however great his complicity with the course of national disaster, no other decision but to call early elections as the only dignified and democratic solution that the country’s situation demands.

The CDU salutes the thousands of Portuguese men and women who with their vote gave a decisive contribution for the important electoral strengthening of CDU. To all those who as always trusted their vote to CDU, to all those who for the first time (including thousands of young people) took the step of transforming their support and understanding of the path of seriousness and coherence in votes, to all of them we reaffirm our commitment to always honour our word, to act in defence of the workers and the people, their rights and aspirations.

The greater strength with which we come out of these elections is the increased strength on which all can rely on to stay at their side in defence of their interests, to open a window of confidence that it is possible to defeat this policy. Yes, we come out stronger and with greater confidence in the ability to move forward and bring nearer a rupture with the right-wing policy and the construction of a left-wing and patriotic political alternative.

Yes, we come out determined with a stronger voice of CDU in the European Parliament to give more strength to defend the interests of the people and the country, against the impositions of big business, the Euro and the European Union.

Yes, with this result we will give a more genuine expression to the many reasons of the struggle and protest of the workers and the people and a consequent voice to all who wanted to add their vote to the current of action and intervention, a strong impetus to hand back to the workers, the people and the country their stolen wages and income, rights and sovereignty.

CDU also particularly salutes the thousands of CDU activists – communists, environmentalists and independent people – who, side by side with the candidates raised the awareness campaign and mobilization that not only was the decisive factor in the outcome of CDU, but also broadened  the awareness of the workers and the people on the reasons and those responsible for the situation of the country, the constraints placed on the sovereign development by the process of capitalist integration, the urgent need to defeat this government and for an imperative rupture with the right-wing policy.

The CDU also stresses the importance of condemning the policy of the troikas. A condemnation expressed by the electoral fall of the three parties – PS, PSD and CDS – who have subscribed, supported and aim to maintain the course of exploitation and impoverishment, with all of them having a drop in their votes.