Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties

January 18, 2021


  1. At the beginning of 2022, Kazakhstan, the former Soviet Republic of Central Asia, has been shaken by mass workers’ and people’s mobilizations, whose cause lies in the sharpened economic, social, and political problems faced by workers due to the restoration of capitalism in the country, 30 years after the counter-revolution and the dissolution of the USSR, when the power and the means of production passed into the hands of capital and the multinational monopolies now control a large part of the mining sector of the economy.
  2. The Communist and Workers Parties signing this Joint Statement express our solidarity with the just economic and political demands of the demonstrators, who demanded raises in salaries and pensions, reduction in fuel prices, lower retirement age, the cancellation of the effects of privatizations, measures to support the unemployed, trade union and political freedoms and rights. We particularly salute the industrial workers of Western Kazakhstan, who were the heart of this mass people’s mobilization.
  3. The bourgeois forces attempted to take advantage of the mobilizations in Alma-Ata and South Kazakhstan, in the framework of their power struggle for the distribution of the pie of their economic and political power.
  4. The unacceptable Russian military intervention through the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), led by Russia, was utilized to avert the shock of bourgeois power in conditions of sharpening of the imperialist competition in the crucial region of Central Asia, which is a field of a fierce power struggle among powerful monopolies and capitalist states, such as the USA.
  5. The presence of the CSTO forces facilitated the repression of people’s mobilizations by the bourgeois state. The developments demonstrate the class character of transnational unions, which, like the EU and NATO, are formed on the basis of capitalism and undertake the primary task of safeguarding bourgeois power in each country and the union overall to continue the class exploitation of the workers. The existence and activity of these unions, as indicated by the recent case of Kazakhstan, is anti-popular and to be condemned.
  6. Regarding the efforts of imperialist forces who aim to exploit such workers’ mobilizations for their own interests and to yield color revolutions, our parties emphasize that these interventions can be invalidated, not by stigmatizing all kinds of popular mobilization, but by defending the independent struggle of the working class and rejecting any political-ideological-organizational involvement with any regional or international power. The international communist movement cannot seek for a friend from within the imperialist world nor can postpone the class struggle using the international balance of forces as a pretext. On the other hand, it is the duty of the communist movement to safeguard the social mobilizations from the plans of the bourgeois governments and the inter-bourgeois antagonisms and to be vigilant in this matter.
  7. The developments in Kazakhstan stress the need for a strong CP in every country, with a revolutionary programme and strong ties with the working class, capable of rallying and mobilizing workers’–people’s forces against capitalism and monopolies so that the people’s struggle will be effective and will highlight the path of socialism, which is the only alternative solution to capitalist barbarism.
  8. The events in Kazakhstan and other countries, where the bourgeois power forcibly suppressed the people’s mobilizations, once again demonstrate the great importance of the international solidarity of the workers and the timeliness of the slogan “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”.

Parties signing the Joint Statement

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Party of Labour of Austria
  3. Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  4. Democratic Progressive Tribune- Bahrain
  5. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  6. Communist Party of Belgium
  7. Brazilian Communist Party
  8. Communist Party in Denmark
  9. Communist Party of El Salvador
  10. Communist Party of Finland
  11. Communist Revolutionary Party of France (PCRF)
  12. Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF)
  13. Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
  14. Communist Party of Greece
  15. Communist Party of Kurdistan Iraq
  16. Workers Party of Ireland
  17. Communist Front (Italy)
  18. Jordanian Communist Party
  19. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  20. Socialist Party of Latvia
  21. Communist Party of Mexico
  22. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  23. Communist Party of Norway
  24. Communist Party of Pakistan
  25. Paraguayan Communist Party
  26. Peruvian Communist Party
  27. Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  28. Russian Communist Workers’ Party
  29. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  30. Communist Party of the Workers’ of Spain
  31. Communist Party of Sweden
  32. Swiss Communist Party
  33. Communist Party of Turkey
  34. Communist Party of Ukraine
  35. Union of Communists of Ukraine
  36. Communist Party of Venezuela


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