December 10, 2018


The Central Committee of the PCP, having met on December 10,  2018, debated aspects of the international situation, assessed the evolution of the national situation, the development of the struggle of workers and people, defined lines of political initiative, lines of work for the coming political battles, adopted a resolution on the 45th anniversary of the April Revolution, assessed the progress of measures to strengthen the organisation and intervention of the Party.

This is the statement  on the international situation. For the full statement go to <<>>.

II – International situation

The structural crisis of capitalism, the process of realignment of forces at the world level, the exploitative and aggressive offensive of imperialism, the struggle of the workers and peoples in defence of their rights and sovereignty, in a situation marked by great instability and uncertainty – are prominent features of the international situation.

Especially serious on the international scene is the imperialist assault, particularly by US imperialism, which is trying to counteract the trend of its relative decline and in a context of concertation-rivalry with its allies, insists on interference, destabilization, militarism and war.

The growth of far right-wing and fascist forces – as was the case in the recent Brazilian elections – gains weight as an option for big capital to attack democracy and promote anti-communism, impose its rule, increase the exploitation of workers and oppression of peoples.

The struggle against the threat of fascism and war is inseparable from the struggle against exploitation and oppression, for sovereignty and democracy, for the rights of the workers and peoples, for peace and against the wars of imperialism.

2. As regards the European Union (EU) there are persisting lines of attack and traces of instability remain and deepen. An attack reflected among other grievous aspects in attacks on the rights and living conditions of the workers and peoples, like in France arousing expressions of discontent and protest, although sometimes in a contradictory and even instrumentalized way. The objectives of the European Council of December 13 and 14, despite contradictions, are part of the deepening of neoliberalism, militarism and federalism in the process of European capitalist integration.

The Central Committee of the PCP notes that more than new and grievous renunciations of sovereignty regarding the EU, in particular under the pretext of “reform” of the Economic and Monetary Union – which would only mean the acceptance of new and strengthened mechanisms of economic and political dominance determined by the great powers of the EU – what is demanded is the firm defence of national sovereignty and independence and the liberation of the Country from submission to the Euro and the EU’s conditionings and impositions, which impair the sovereign development of Portugal and the resolution of national problems.

In view of the process of exit from the EU by the United Kingdom, the Central Committee of the PCP reaffirms that the sovereign decision of the British people must be fully complied and reiterates that the Portuguese Government must intervene resolutely – be it with the UK authorities or the EU – to ensure the defence of the rights of the Portuguese citizens who work and live in that country and to ensure the development of mutually advantageous bilateral relations between Portugal and the United Kingdom, respecting the sovereignty of each country and the aspirations of both peoples.

The Central Committee of the PCP, valuing important initiatives, reaffirms the need to strengthen solidarity with the workers and peoples who are engaged in a courageous struggle to defend their rights and sovereignty, in a complex and demanding situation of resistance and gathering of forces around the world.

The complexity and seriousness of the international situation highlights the need to strengthen the international communist and revolutionary movement, to deepen its ties with the working class and the workers, to develop the struggle for rights, for progressive and revolutionary changes and the strengthening of a broad anti-imperialist front in defence of peace, sovereignty and social progress.

As the 20th. International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties pointed out, the PCP will continue to strive to strengthen the communist and international revolutionary movement and to strengthen its unity, based on following the principles of relationships among communist parties. This is the way to overcome weaknesses that still persist and to project the communist ideal and project in the world – whose validity and topicality are reaffirmed by the exploitative, oppressive, aggressive and predatory nature of capitalism.