Facing the presidential elections in the US – a country which holds a place at the pinnacle of imperialism, and in the imperialist organizations and groupings (NATO, IMF, World Bank, etc.) – the worker’s and Communist parties listed below, express the following:

The economic crisis of capitalism marks the elections: devaluation of labor force, unemployment, decrease of the standard of living of the working class and immigrants, rise of racist discourse and attacks, also the dangerous tendency towards war.

Among the candidates of the Democrat and Republican parties, Obama and Romney, inter-monopoly disputes as well as contradictions in the administration of capitalism and crisis are expressed. But neither of them is an alternative for the working class and the middle strata.

And both of them have the support of the monopoly groups.

The anticommunist attack of the Republican candidate against the Democrat does not express anything but populist demagogy appealing to the reactionary and conservative vote. Nevertheless it produces confusion as it introduces the liberal position of the so called "lesser evil".

During Obama’s dwelling in the White House monopolies have benefitted from rescues to avoid bankruptcy, assaulting workers, not only with impoverishment and unemployment, but with the usage of public funds to the detriment of pensions, health care, social funds, etc.

The shades between Obama and Romney must not pigeonhole North American workers into the fake contrast of choosing the lesser evil. The rhetoric of differences between them turns to dust when confronted with the facts.

Obama, the Nobel prize winner, continues the policy of war in Middle East, the military intervention of imperialist troops to reorganize the sacking of natural resources and exploitation of labor that monopolies practice. Linked to his predecessor Bush, in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has taken military aggression to Libya, Syria and now is seriously destabilizing world peace with the plans against Iran.

In Latin America, Honduras and Paraguay are the signs of the return to antidemocratic coup-tendencies. He has confirmed ties with the Israeli government against the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. It continues the criminal blockade against the Cuban people and the illegal Guantanamo military base, where outrageous human rights violations are perpetrated every day.

In the domestic life of the US, the Obama policy around the much-publicized health care reform essentially opened up new fields for the commercial exploitation of health and for the profitability of the monopoly groups as is demonstrated by the recent purchase of Amerigroup Corp. by WellPoint, while cutbacks are being made to any basic services for the poorest strata.

The constant assault against the welfare and the stance in relation to migrant workers, are elements that allow us to be sure that it was all about vain electoral promises, to attract the liberal voters, to which the class forces regrettably joined.

The fact that US monopoly’s power, the North American state, does not admit spaces in its democratic façade for working class representatives must be denounced.

It is very negative that an autonomous and independent position of the US working class is not expressed.

The class character of both parties binds them, in view of capitalist crisis, to prepare a program of more aggressions against the working class, the American people, and the peoples of the world.

We consider that the fake dilemma of avoiding the triumph of the "ultra-right" by supporting the less right-wing must be rejected.

Whoever may win, the monopolies win, and illusions must not be sowed among the US working class. On the contrary, knowing beforehand what the content of the next government will be, a struggle against all the savage attacks must be prepared, a struggle against the sacrifices that monopoly power will try to impose, a confrontation that must ignite from the first minute of the next government.

We have great faith in the US proletariat, in its ability to recover the glorious traditions of the class and communist movement, of John Reed, William Foster, Gus Hall and struggle for its objectives of emancipation and new life, for socialism-communism.

Workers of the world, unite!

  • Workers’ Party of Belgium
  • Communist Party of Greece
  • Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party
  • Socialist Party of Latvia
  • Communist Party of Luxembourg
  • Communist Party of Mexico
  • Communist Workers Party of Russia – Revolution Party of Communists (RKRP-RPC)
  • Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  • Communist Party of Turkey
  • Union of Communists of Ukraine
  • Communist Party of Venezuela

International Communist Review, <<http://www.iccr.gr/site/>>