By the Communist Party of Mexico

June 4, 2024


The electoral process in Mexico concluded with the vote on Sunday, June 2, to elect the President of the Republic, Chambers of Deputies and Senators, governments of Mexico City and other entities, several local legislatures and municipal governments of several states.

The electoral process was marked by government intervention in favor of AMLO’s MORENA party, by the use of social programs, that is, the profit from extreme poverty, by the demagogy of the two large bourgeois blocs and their candidates Claudia Sheinbaum and Xóchitl Gálvez , the dirty campaigns, due to the obscene waste of money, both from the prerogatives of the INE, and from foreign sources (or from business groups or organized crime), due to violence.

The role of the Citizen Movement Party as government scab was visible. It was also a notable element that from a programmatic point of view Sheinbaum and Gálvez were based on the same platform, with minor and non-essential differences. Fundamentally, both ratified the commitment to carry out the management of capitalism.

The results are clear: Claudia Sheinbaum was elected, who will have a qualified majority to undertake the set of legislative measures that she considers necessary since the PRI and the PAN [the two main bourgeois parties] will not have a correlation of forces to hinder her measures.  The so-called Plan C, which among other measures seeks to place the National Guard under military control, will be implemented. From the start of the campaign, businessmen dictated her priorities. Today, the satisfaction of the ruling class, of the power of the monopolies, with this election result is verifiable, with the immediate congratulations of the bankers and employers’ chambers.

The Lopez Obrador administration, which is coming to its formal end, achieved, after almost three decades of social instability and the intensification of the class struggle due to the shock policies of privatizations, a social peace that has been allowing a rapid phase of capitalist expansion that led Mexico to improve the position of its capitalist economy within the imperialist system, displacing Spain, Australia, South Korea, and approaching being one of the 10 main capitalist economies in the world. With Obrador, the monopolies have doubled their profits, first by increasing the rate of surplus value extraction, devaluing the labor force, and through the imposition of anti-popular, anti-immigrant policies, and measures that had previously been rejected. He ratified the USMCA [the so called NAFTA 2.0]  Despite presenting himself as anti-neoliberal and declaring the end of neoliberalism, he did not reverse any of the privatizations, and the monopolies that benefited from them in the 90s were allies of the President in this six-year term.

Obrador was in charge of the re-legitimization of the State and its discredited repressive forces, especially the Army.  He temporarily healed the cracks in the class domination of the bourgeoisie, resorting to the formula already tested by Plutarco Elías Calles in 1929: a multi-class State Party. In the last six years, MORENA has functioned as the landing strip for the groups and currents of the PRI – including the Atlacomulco group – and also for the PAN. Like the PNR-PRM-PRI, today MORENA claims to represent the popular interest when in truth it expresses the class interest of the bourgeoisie and the monopolies. In content and form it restores absolutist presidentialism, authoritarianism. For the moment the monopolies, the industrialists and the bankers are satisfied with the Workers’ Party, and in the inter-bourgeois struggle they have supported it, sending the PRI and PAN to the reserve, whom they have doubled electorally.

Thus, Sheinbaum’s triumph already has its course predetermined: that of an anti-working class and anti-popular management,  …which she also calls conscious capitalism , which simply means the openness to nearshoring and relocation, to occupy, within the framework of the conflict and rivalries between the capitalist states of China and the United States, the place that China had as a producer of the goods required by the North American market.  For this purpose, the construction and development of transportation, communications and logistics infrastructure began and will continue, trampling in its wake the rights of workers and indigenous peoples and sacrificing natural resources. We note that the bourgeoisie has projected, since the campaign, two of its cadres as replacements in the leadership of the State: Omar García Harfuch and Altagracia Gómez, two individuals with a proven anti-popular line and defense of order.

Demagogy is the mark of the Obrador government and will be the mark of Sheinbaum. They vulgarly played up the tragedy of Ayotzinapa and have betrayed the victims to join the executioners. They have been indolent in the face of the genocide in Palestine, or in the face of the expansion of drug trafficking throughout Mexico, in the face of the thousands of dead and missing people.

How deluded are those who think that the Obrador or Sheinbaum governments are expressions of the left or popular forces.  Those opportunists who from various latitudes shamefully today greet Sheinbaum,  yesterday remained silent in the face of militarization and dispossession. They are co-responsible for the suffering of the people and workers of Mexico. Equally deluded are those who proclaim as a historical milestone that there is a woman President instead of a male President, when she also represents interests antagonistic to those of the millions of Mexican and migrant working women who continue to live firsthand not only the intensified exploitation of capital, but the unstoppable social and criminal violence.

The Communist Party of Mexico without any doubt will continue fighting against Obrador and from October 1st against Claudia Sheinbaum. Both express the class interests of exploitation. We are aware of the moment, of the need to strengthen political and organizational ties with workers, working women, young people and students, migrants, with indigenous peoples, with independent class-based organizations, in order to develop the struggle with the social democracy of Obrador/Sheinbaum.

In this direction, the communist campaign was a step forward that allowed us to contact thousands of workers, almost 234,000, with a class-oriented programmatic platform, for a new kind of political power and a new economy, based on social ownership of the means of production. The vote for Marco Vinicio Dávila, communist candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, and the other communist candidates, was made up of thousands of workers who have chosen to fight, despite all the legal and extralegal difficulties….The vote for unregistered candidacies is now 85,000 and could reach 90,000, and we also have evidence that many of the votes for our candidacies were recorded as null. We call on those who decided to vote communist to take a step forward. Together we will fight daily until we change everything that needs to be changed, for the new world of socialism and communism. We also salute the more than 1,300,000 null votes… of those who are aware that neither MORENA nor PRI-PAN are a way out, and have decided to reject them. It is a good prospect that thousands of workers and young people have chosen to fight and not be trapped in the dilemma of the lesser evil.

With the proletariat, with the working class, fighting every day, without respite, with optimism in the future that will come if we are willing to sustain class-based and internationalist positions.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee