The refusal of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy to allow the transit and refueling of the presidential airplane of Bolivia, endangering its safety, initially by invoking so-called “technical problems”, as well as the investigations carried out in the end by the Austrian authorities, in order to ascertain whether Snowden, the former employee of the NSA intelligence service, was onboard the airplane, are unacceptable and provocative acts.


This is a development that reveals that the EU and its governments, in the face of the sharpening of the competition amongst the capitalist states, in order to serve their interests, set aside any pretexts, diplomatic protocols and international treaties. The competition, the electronic surveillance, the spying on one another are aspects of capitalist exploitation and the dictatorship of the monopolies which the peoples urgently need to overthrow with their struggle.

Press Office, Central Committee, KKE

July 4, 2013