By Stansfield Smith 

October 16, 2017

Dear Friends,

We have a increased our matching fund for Hurricane Irma relief MEDICC donations to Cuba. We have surpassed our previous goal of $5000 matching fund, and have increased it to $7000.

Not only is every dollar you give doubled by us, but on top of that, MEDICC doubles donations itself, through the end of this year, so that every dollar you give becomes four dollars. If we can meet our match of $5000, then in total, $20,000 will be sent to Cuba.

So far we have received $5874.50, which means $23,138 will go to Cuba medical aid.

Checks to MEDICC are tax deductible.

Hurricane Irma was the first Category 5 hurricane to hit Cuba since 1952. Yet this has not stopped the US blockaded country of Cuba from sending aid and medical professions to neighboring countries devastated by the hurricanes. Let us respond in the spirit of solidarity that Cuba so exemplifies to the world.

You may write a check payable to “MEDICC,” and mail your check to:

Stansfield Smith
2961 S. Bonaparte, Chicago, IL 60608


Gisela Lopez
7617 N. Eastlake Terrace, Unit B, Chicago, IL 60626