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A Lecture on the Soviet Downfall

On November 8, 2014 Roger Keeran, professor emeritus of history at SUNY Empire State College, gave the main presentation at the “Seminar on 21st Century Marxism.” The topic was the causes of the Soviet collapse. The talk...

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Is Cuba Turning Back to Capitalism?

July 2014 By Roger Keeran and Thomas KennyIn 2011, Cuban authorities adopted bold new Guidelines (Lineamientos) to deal with Cuba’s economic problems. Modified by pubic debate and adopted by Cuba’s parliament, the Guidelines now...

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A Reading List for Refounders

July 2013 A Reading List for Refounders At the CPUSA web site:  <<      Save the Party!  by Dean Christ, Kevin Kyle, and Joan Phillips By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them  by...

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