By a new — and more and more frequent — demonstration of the US government hostility, this time by words talked by Condeleezza Rice, US State Secretary, at audience of the US External Relations of the Representative Commission, last February 17th, 2006. She has declared she has called the Chancellors of Brazil, Spain and Austria — the latter is being in turn presidency at European Union — to tell them that “they have to pay attention on the developments in Venezuela. Because the Bolivarian government constitutes a “challenge to democracy” and to ask for support to create “a kind of a united front against some things in which Venezuela is involved". As per her opinion, "one of problems faced by us is the relations between Cuba and Venezuela, (… by what) I think this constitutes a particular danger to the region", since it is “trying influence its neighbors countries to leave the democratic process". 

PCdoB rejects energetically the “request” of Mrs. Condeleezza. On the contrary, the relations between Brazil and Venezuela are the best at this moment of their history, in particular by the fact of both of them are in front of the national governments and committed with the Latin American integration. At this moment, the strategic partnership gains more force and consistency, in particular by adhesion of Venezuela to the Mercosur and by the announcement of the construction of the Latin American gas pipe-line. These factors demonstrate a strong commitment of both of countries with a development integration model, with cooperative and antineoliberal content. Thus, it is absolutely without purpose and inconsequent the attempt to involve Brazil in the campaign against President Chávez, proposed by the US imperialism.

The real reason to the frequent attacks from US government against Bolivarian Venezuela it is the deep commitment of the Hugo Chávez’s government with the progressive forces in Latin America and around the world. His active anti- imperialist militancy, his solidarity with Cuba, his enlace with world social movements, as we could see recently at World Social Forum in Caracas, and his struggle to deep the Bolivarian Revolution, to build a “revolutionary democracy” and “the Century XXI Socialism”.

The PCdoB, on behalf of its militants and progressive forces in our country, manifests its more vehement repudiation to the new menaces said by Mrs. Condeleezza Rice, and call the Brazilian people to join itself to the efforts of the peoples of world to create an ample movement against the US imperialism, the big enemy of humanity. 

The National Political Commission of
The Central Committee of the 
Communist Party of Brazil — PCdoB
São Paulo, February 28th, 2006.