Re-electing Lula and progressive governors in order to further the struggle for national sovereignty, democracy and labor valorization

1. Despite the vicious attack of the opposing neoliberal-conservative forces and the manipulations by the hegemonic media, President Lula and the A Força do Povo (People’s Force) coalition were the great victors in the first round of the presidential elections. For only 1.39%, the candidate of the popular and democratic forces fell shy of achieving victory last Sunday. In front of that result, the coup-mongers and their venal media try to switch roles, spreading a false optimism in order to dispirit the people’s fighters. Lula obtained 6.7 million votes more than the right-wing candidate Geraldo Alckmin. The candidate of the A Força do Povo (People’s Force) coalition shall consolidate and further broaden the voting in regions where he achieved an overwhelming headway, such as in the North and Northeast, and diminish the differences in the South and Southeast. Victory in the runoff is absolutely viable and feasible.

2. The battle in the runoff must put all the popular, democratic and patriotic forces in a state of alert and fully mobilized. Our victory depends on their twofold and energetic efforts. This is not a time for neglectful, neutral or routine attitudes. The future of Brazil and Latin America itself is at stake. The coup-mongerers dream of a neoliberal counterblow in order to retake the FTAA negotiations and bury once and for all Latin-American integration; to launch a new privatization round; to reduce investments on social programs, to dismiss public servants and reduce the role played by the State; to criminalize and repress social movements; to put forth a new social security reform that cuts down the rights of pensioners. The political and social forces committed to changes in Brazil must grant top priority status to the struggle to overcome the neoliberal drawback in the next days.


3. Therefore, the broad and firm defense of national sovereignty, democracy and the people’s rights constitute the grounds allowing broader political alliances and social support, isolating the right and enabling Lula’s victory in the runoff and the support for his future administration. Naturally, in the first round there were sectors that either acted in an apathetic, indecisive manner or had no chance to manifest their own opinion. Now they must be captivated and gathered. Thus it is necessary to achieve a greater support by PMDB. There were also those on the left wing who manifested their disillusion by putting their hopes with other candidates in the search for a more advanced solution. It is urgently necessary to agglutinate the votes of the left in order to avoid any possibility of a victory by Alckmin, PSDB and PFL. A greater effort by the country’s progressive personalities, intellectuals, artists and other public figures is also equally needed. PCdoB will take concrete measures to form a left-of-center front having the left as its core, fighting any hegemonism that may appear. All that effort to broaden the alliance must be reflected by the creation of several state directorates that are plural and representative in the campaign to reelect President Lula.

4. Victory in the runoff depends on the capacity of the forces forming the A Força do Povo (People’s Force) coalition to carry out an intense debate on ideas in society, drawing lines separating the neoliberal right and unmasking the hideous manipulation of the hegemonic media. The polarization and politicization of the campaign in the runoff is indispensable. The programmatic debate must be fully stimulated, the comparison and confrontation of projects in the free electoral advertising, in television shows or rallies, parades and plenary sessions must be multiplied. Alckmin’s victory would mean the return of former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. We must insist on the idea that a second administration by Lula would focus on growth with the distribution of income and wealth. For that, the voluntary and mindful action of the communist political militancy is key. That is the greatest patrimony for the Party, one that was forged by decades of struggle against the dictatorship and the neoliberal offensive. In the first round, the militant action was still timid and constrained. Any lethargy must be overcome in the final battle. It is in the time of decisive confrontations that the mark of authentic social fighters is tested, when new leaderships are forges and the jost consequent programmatic commitments stand out. The role played by the militancy in the battles of ideas is crucial against the manipulation of the media and the hatred of coup-mongers.

5. As an immediate and concrete measure, it is necessary to organize sectorial and territorial plenary sessions in order to put the whole militancy in motion; to promote broad and representative assemblies that gather organized sectors and personalities committed to democracy, sovereignty and social justice; to intensify the looks in every city, taking the streets with red shirts, banners, billboards, pins; to organize parades and rallies in the main urban centers. State and regional directorates for the reelection of President Lula must be immediately activated and broadened. In the first round Lula obtained 6.7 million votes more than the candidate of the neoliberal right. With the active and creative effort of the militancy, increasing such headway is absolutely possible, thus impeding the neoliberal counterblow and a reactionary trend, allowing further changes in Brazil. The challenge is in our hands. We cannot lose the historical time that may spur the transformation process.

6. Finally, as for the states where elections for state governors will take place, the Party must give orientations according to the following situations: in states where the coalition to which the Party belongs achieved victory it is necessary to reorganize forces with a view to win a landslide victory for Lula and the Party’s candidate to the state administration; in states where the coalition to which the Party belongs is out of the competition the Party must be oriented to support the candidature that favors Lula’s candidature with a view to win the victories in the presidential and state campaigns.