February 17, 2023

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) denounces before national and international public opinion, the act of persecution against comrade Albert Narváez, member of the Central Committee of the PCV and Political Secretary of the Party in the state of Monagas, who was summoned by the Coordination of Intelligence and Preventive Strategies of the regional police without any justification whatsoever.

This maneuver to prosecute the communist leader is part of the escalation of aggressions by the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) aimed at taking the PCV by assault and subordinating it to their dark interests.

This police action takes place a few days after the Regional Committee of the PCV in the state of Monagas dismantled the fraud orchestrated by Mr. Diosdado Cabello to make the public opinion believe that the communist militancy supports the neo-liberal turn of the National Government.

We hold the national and regional leadership of the PSUV responsible for any damage caused against our comrade Albert Narvaez by the irresponsible actions of institutions or groups at the service of this type of practices that violate, degrade and erode the regime of freedoms and the functioning of organizations with political purposes.

We alert the Venezuelan working people, the popular and revlutionary forces of our country and the world about the advances of this line of provocations and attacks against the PCV. The integrity of our militancy cannot be usurped by disguised mercenaries.

We have full confidence in the workers of the city and the countryside and we know that the solidary of the people will accompany us in our firm determination to confront the anti-worker, anti-popular and anti-national economic policy, allied with the historical enemies of our party, the people and the Venezuelan nation.

No administrative or judicial decision will be able to change the conscious commitment of the PCV militants with its political line.

-Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the PCV