By the Peruvian Communist Party

January 24, 2023


The statements of Dina Boluarte, Jose Otarola and the Ministers of Defense and the Interior, after the general strike of January 19, threatening the protesters, the social and communal organizations, especially the CGTP [Peruvian trade union confederation] – which in its 93 years has been the symbol of the defense of democracy and social and trade union liberties – are expressions similar to the harshest dictatorships of the continent such as Pinochet in Chile, Videla in Argentina, Bordaberry in Uruguay and recently Yafiez of Bolivia. All of them were tried and sentenced as murderers and human rights violators. Therefore we demand an immediate rectification of their repressive and murderous policies.

The demonstrations are a legitimate and constitutional expression against the ultra-rightist coup of the Boluarte-Williams duo seeking to protect the interests of the big monopolies and prevent the sentencing of the mafias and putting criminal politicians on trial.

The images of provocation, aggression and violence against the demonstrators are related to the ethnic, class and land stigmatization that the neo-fascists, Fujimoristas and Apristas have been spreading. In the same way, the intervention with force and violence in the facilities of the San Marcos University and specifically in the houses where the female students live, the harassment of pregnant women and mistreatment of old women and children, the subsequent arrest of 198 citizens, are acts typical of hateful, racist and fundamentalist ideologies. These acts are rejected and denounced by the OAS Human Rights Commission, the Vatican and international organizations.

The demands of 70% or 80% of  Peruvians that Dina Boluarte and Jose Williams [President of the Congress] leave, a change of the board of directors, the advancement of the elections to 2023 and the call for a referendum so that the people can decide on a Constituent Assembly are legitimate and must be accepted and implemented by the executive and legislative branches.

The Peruvian Communist Party, founded 93 years ago by Amauta Jose Carlos Mariategui, reiterates its historic rejection of the terrorism of Sendero Luminso, MRTA and the State itself, that are responsible for the deaths of thousands of communist militants, leftists, union leaders, popular leaders and citizens in general. We reject the use of the word Communist and the symbol of the hammer and sickle as symbols of terrorism. Both Mrs. Boluarte and Otarola on various occasions have recognized the differences of the PCP, the CGTP and our democratic position in defense of the homeland and the Peruvian people; respecting our legitimate aspiration to put an end to the exploitation of man by man.

We call on the people to participate in the day of action January 24, 2023 and we call for the centralization of the struggles of all the demonstrators and their organizations. Let us demonstrate confidence, integrity, and willingness to unify between the workers and peasants, between the countryside and the city; above all, let there be unity of action among Peruvians because all of us who are in the struggle want Dina Boluarte  to leave now and begin the road to the construction of a new republic.





-EDITORS NOTE: This article was translated from a tweeted posting of the Peruvian Communist Party statement.