The crisis in Greece is intensifying. A large mass rally-demonstration was carried out by the KKE on Friday night, November 4,  in Syntagma [Constitution] Square in Athens. The rally took place a few hours before the vote of confidence in the PASOK [social reformist] government, which was achieved by it (with 153 votes out of the 300 MPs in Parliament) with the promise that from now on it will seek wider consensus with whatever other bourgeois parties desire consensus.

The main speaker at the large rally of the KKE was Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the Central Committee, who stressed, among other things:

"Down with the government and the parties which serve the plutocracy, as well as those parties which intentionally foster illusions amongst the people that another government with participation of these parties will solve the problem.

"We do not conceal from anyone the fact that the class struggle must be directed towards one single goal, the acquisition of working class power, a power which serves the working class and the other popular strata. They are lying that the timeline imposes the voting of the loan agreement before the election.

"We demand a caretaker government and elections in 20 days so that the people will be able to express their will with their vote. The controlled bankruptcy has already been agreed while there exists a serious possibility of an uncontrolled bankruptcy, it has not been cancelled out by the packages agreed with the EU, nor by centre-left or centre-right cooperation."

In reference to the next elections, Aleka Papariga noted:

"The elections will take place in an atmosphere of the most unprecedented intimidation with at its epicentre the so-called support packages of the EU with the threat of an uncontrolled bankruptcy, in an atmosphere of intense anti-communism and provocations which are the vehicles to put the people in the position of the supplicant.

"What do we mean by anti-communism? Physical attacks on communists and other militants. The extortions so that we change orientation and become a party of the system. The support and funding of anti-communist propaganda concerning red and black fascism, with mechanisms which will carry out the dirty work so that the bourgeois parties are not officially exposed.

"We state, you cannot break us, we are too tough."

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE noted in relation to the new loan agreement:

"The money which they allegedly are giving us is in fact our money, it comes from the toil of the people. The people do not owe anything, in fact they are owed everything" and added regarding the difficulties which the bourgeois parties are facing:

"They are in a difficult position because due to the crisis the competition between the member-states of the predatory alliance and the business groups is intensifying to threatening levels. The bourgeois political parties and their partners are afraid as their many such signs in Greece as well that the coherence of the bourgeois class itself will be split." 

"They are even afraid concerning the recovery phase which they may achieve in the various countries. Because the recovery will be anaemic and as we have already stated it will face the possibility of a new crisis (…)

"The crisis in Greece is not the main or unique problem. Their problem is the major differences which arise amongst the leading imperialist powers of the EU over how the indebtedness of Spain and Italy will be managed, so that a major crisis does not ensue in France. They are worried about the contradictions between the bourgeois states, the monopoly groups within Europe, as well as about their contradictions with the monopoly groups and the bourgeois states of China, India, the problems of the economy of the US and Japan; all these lead to centrifugal forces.

"Those who intimidate the Greek people and the other peoples of Europe are the ones who are thinking of expelling member-states not only from the Eurozone but also from the EU itself. They continue the intimidation arguing that the expulsion from the EU will be a mortal danger for the workers. (…)

"No bourgeois political proposal, liberal, social democrat, left, or "renewed, – can constitute a political way-out in favour of the people if it does not regard as a matter of principle the rupture with the monopolies – in industry, banking sector, shipping, trade – namely the rupture with capitalist ownership, its state institutions, its international alliances."

Referring to the proposal of the opportunist party SYN/SYRIZA concerning a "left government" and its goals, the General Secretary of the CC of KKE noted:

"Look where opportunism has ended up at the beginning of the 21st century, speaking officially about and promising openly and shamelessly social cohesion, i.e. class collaboration, submission of the working class to the bourgeois class, submission of the petty-bourgeois, poor, and popular strata to the monopolies. (…)

"There is a great deal of discussion in the name of national sovereignty. We believe in people’s sovereignty. The sovereignty of the people, i.e For the people to decide on the basis of their interests they must have in their hands the wealth which exists and is produced in the country, the wealth that they produce by hand and by brain, to have in their hands the means of production because otherwise there cannot be any sovereignty or power; it won’t be able to plan or ensure work for everybody.

"All the political forces of the "EU one-way street" – ND [New Democracy, a conservative party], PASOK, SYN/SYRIZA – must apologise to the people for the vain sacrifices that they called on them to make and their false promises that the Greek people would experience tremendous prosperity.

"The KKE calls on the people to struggle for the people’s ownership over the concentrated means of production in industry, for the socialization of land, of the big businesses in agriculture and the concentrated trade sector.

"Only the people’s economy can ensure the sovereignty of the people and the true disengagement from the imperialist alliances such as the EU and NATO."

Aleka Papariga called on the workers to strengthen and ally with the only prospect which can bring hope, the prospect which is proposed by the KKE: "Disengagement from the EU and cancellation of the debt with people’s power".

November 5, 2011