Amid deep economic stagnation and the context of systemic crisis,  North American imperialism insists on a  totally irrational global strategy and the growing use of military power.

The USA has a heritage as an oppressor. It is a country with a public debt which already has reached beyond 15 trillion dollars and soon will reach 100% of its GDP.

It does not conceal its anxiety in the face of the challenge of China, as a result of that country’s development. Since 2010 China is the second biggest economy in the world and its biggest  creditor.

Among statements typical of the most evil intentions is one from Jon Huntsman, a Republican candidate for the  presidency in 2012 and former Beijing ambassador. He has no reluctance in suggesting “the overthrow of China“ (in Global Times, 11.11.19 ).

This suggestion has become almost a commonplace among the top representatives of US power.

This is the background against which the APEC (Asia and Pacific Economic Cooperation) and the ASEAN (Asian Southeast Nations’ Association) summits took place, these past few days.

It was a moment chosen by the White House to execute a diplomatic-military offensive in the region. It clearly has China as a target.

Obama, on visiting Australia, a US and NATO accomplice in the Afghanistan war, made official the permanent military base in Darwin, Australia on the north coast of the island, announcing the USA will have as a top priority its military position within the Asia-Pacific region. Julia Gillard, the host prime minister, elected by the Labour Party, recalled it is the greatest military commitment the USA has ever had in Australia since World War II.

On the same occasion, Clinton, the secretary of state, signed a statement with her Philippine counterpart in Manila, on board the destroyer USS Fitzgerald. It seals the USA’s interference policy, amid the China’s South Sea tangled territorial dispute process, which involves many countries in the region. Clinton promised to reinforce the military alliance with the Philippines. Washington is counting on the valuable assistance of Benigno Aquino’s government in the efforts to aggravate and internationalize the dispute and orchestrate a “common front” against Beijing.

In its strategic rivalry and tightening cordon around China, the USA counts on the support of — and a large military presence in — Japan and South Korea.

Simultaneously, the US launches an attack on the economic front, appearing as the important promoter of the free trade agreement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, of which China is not a part. Not being able to manage without the relation of “asymmetric economic dependence” with the greatest world emerging market, currently, imperialist pressure on China increases.

Imperialism aims to oblige China to act according to “ the rules of the game” (in People’s Daily on-line, 11.11.18). These are the very same rules which dictate that imperialism does not give up its aims of forcing the total opening of the Chinese home market to its unlimited exploitation and annulling China’s emerging independence.

This policy and much more will continue to be carried out by US power in order to endeavor to destabilize China, little by little and, in the last instance, subvert its internal order and defeat the implicit direction of socialism.

In the consequent strategic tasks of the forces of imperialism are included measures to annul, in short order, with the help of the anti-missile shield, the capacity for nuclear deterrence, which Russia basically inherited from the USSR. This places at obvious risk, not only the sovereignty, but the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation as well.

Currently imperialism assists the tension and barbaric escalation in the Middle East and the wave of chaos and destabilization, which spreads throughout North Africa as far as Central Asia.

The current dangerous situation and the serious threats to world peace demand, at present, a doubling of the efforts of the working   masses and the peoples leading role, in the name of democracy, against capitalist exploitation, against imperialist wars.

November 27, 2011