I think this might be the most important email I’ve ever sent out. Your response to it may, I hope, not only help promote my music at a crucial time, but may have at least some small impact in helping to foster a growing and vital social movement.

Occupy Wall Street — the Song and the Tour!

On Thursday I’m spending the day at Big Red Studio with a bunch of great musicians to make a professional-quality recording of my song, "Occupy Wall Street (We’re Gonna Stay Right Here)". When we’re done I’ll put it up on the web for free download at www.soundclick.com/davidrovics. The more primitive version recorded on my iPhone is here: http://www.youtube.com/drovics#p/a/u/0/-b_zveHUF04

For the past several weeks on tour around the US and Canada I have visited 18 Occupations and sung at most of them (I’ll try to take the time to write an essay about my experiences to date soon). I want to keep doing this, although the tour I’ve been on for the past three months is over. The paying gigs that made it possible for me to do all the free ones are done. If you are able and willing to help fund my plan to sing at lots more Occupations in the next weeks and months, please do. I can’t afford to do it otherwise, quite simply.

This is the most promising social movement in the US I have seen in my lifetime, and I believe the most valuable way I can participate in it is by doing free concerts at as many Occupations as possible. How many I’m able to visit will depend on response to this email. Your donations can be sent to me the same way as I describe above — so if you order a couple copies of Big Red Sessions and you want to make an additional contribution, or if you don’t want any CDs and you just want to make a contribution to help me travel to and sing at more Occupations, please do. I believe my role in this movement as a musical cheerleader has value. I can only continue to play this role with your support.

If you’re interested in following my progress, in terms of which Occupations I’m playing at and when, and just in general, I update my Twitter feed and Facebook status pretty much daily. Given the constantly evolving nature of these things, it seems posting updates that way works better than clogging your inbox with too many emails.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/drovics

Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidrovicsmusic

New Video

Chris Chandler has just finished making a great new music video for "John Brown." This is the fifth song from Big Red Sessions that now has a professional-quality music video. There are several more coming up… In case you missed any of the other ones, here are direct links to each of the BRS videos made so far:

"John Brown" http://www.youtube.com/drovics#p/a/f/0/IfYhMMY8Q4I

"Tunisia 2011" http://www.youtube.com/drovics#p/a/f/2/6CrV8IUBX54

"Song for Bradley Manning" http://www.youtube.com/drovics#p/f/3/ljh5RRrPHsQ

"Riot Dog" http://www.youtube.com/drovics#p/f/6/bR_97V59LbE

"I’m A Better Anarchist Than You" http://www.youtube.com/drovics#p/f/5/zvlWSnLxrrc


The Occupy movement has gotten quite a lot of media. Some of this has involved me. Here are links to articles on MTV’s website and the Washington Post featuring me and other musicians. Below that is a review of Big Red Sessions which is in this month’s issue of Z Magazine. I also got some major press in Germany for being a supporter of terrorism…! Lastly, Pedro Luis has recently translated all the lyrics from BRS into Spanish and put them up on the web along with embedded videos of each song.


Washington Post

Z Magazine

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Spanish Translation of BRS

I hope to see you on the road, in the streets, and at your local Occupation!



November 8, 2011