Our recent suggestions of readings about the history and experiences of Communists in the labor movement  were well-received and widely shared.

Given the new moment– weeks of large, multiracial street demonstrations  across the country against police violence  and systemic racism against Black Americans — we decided to try to put together a  list of recommended readings on racism.

Many excellent books exist on the role of Communists in the struggle against racism, where they have played a leading role, though that role is seldom properly acknowledged.

We invite our readers to submit their own recommendations.   Please continue to send any suggestions you have to:  <editor@mltoday.com>    The Editors

Suggestions for Readings on Racism

Henry Winston, Strategy for a Black Agenda. International Publishers, 1973.

Angela Davis,  Women, Race & Class.  Vintage Books, 1983.

Mark Solomon, The Cry Was Unity:  Communist and African Americas, 1917-1936.  University Press of Mississippi, 1998.

William L. Patterson,  The Man Who Cried Genocide.  International Publishers, 1971.

Keith Gilward, Louise Thompson Patterson:  A Life of Struggle for Justice.  Duke University Press, 2017

Philip S. Foner, Paul Robeson Speaks.  Citadel Press Books, 1978.

Gerald Horne, Communist Front:  The Civil Rights Congress, 1946-1956 . Associated University Press, 1988.

Herbert Aptheker,  The Unfolding Drama: Studies in U.S. History.  International Publishers, 1978.

Mark Naison, Communists in Harlem During the Depression. Grove Press, 1984.

Robin D. G. Kelly, Hammer and Hoe:  Alabama Communist During the Great Depression. University of North Carolina Press, 1990.

Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore,  Defying Dixie:  The Radical Roots of Civil Rights.  W. W. Norton, 1977.