Party of Labour (EMEP) organized simultaneous demonstrations in cities around Turkey to protest Israel’s attack against Lebanon and Palestine. Tens of thousands of labourers attended the demonstrations and chanted "End To Persecution of USA and Israel".

Our party, since the beginning of Israeli attack against Lebanon, started activities at everywhere it is organized, to explain the policies of US imperialism and Israeli zionism, and also to organize a strong protest. Hundreds of thousands of announcements were distributed, posters and placards were used. In factories, workplaces and other places, verbal explanations and discussions were made. Thus, not only party members but also many labourers who are against US and Israeli persecution attended the demonstrations.

At the demonstrations in Istanbul, slogans like "Rogue State Israel, Out of Palestine", "Murderer USA, lackey AKP", "Everywhere Palestine, everyone Palestinian", "Down with Israeli zionism" were chanted. Many people attended the meeting with party flags, Palestinian flags and various pictures. The speakers were the president of EMEP, Levent Tuzel, and Istanbul District Chairman Memet K?l?ncaslan. Many trade union representatives, members, intellectuals and artists were also there.

The speaker of the demonstration in Ankara was the Vice President Abdullah Varl?. Here were also trade union representatives, intellectuals and artists and also Democratic Society Party (DTP), Socialist Platform of the Oppressed, Kaldirac and TUMTIS trade union.

The speaker of the demonstration in Izm?r was the district chairman Hasan Hüseyin Evin. There were also demonstrations against Israel and USA in Adana, Bursa and Çorum.

EMEP Press Bureau