Antonio Guerrero, #58741-004; Fernando Gonzalez (Ruben Campa #58733-004);Ramon Labanino (Luis Medina #58734-004)

have now all been relocated to the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Florida.

They are being held in solitary confinement, in the same unit, just as they were for the first seventeen months after they were arrested eleven years ago.

They were not allowed to bring with them any of their personal belongings and are only permitted to make phone calls once a week.

They all can be written to at the following address INMATE NAME & REGISTER NUMBER, FDC, MIAMI FEDERAL DETENTION CENTER, P.O. BOX 019120 MIAMI, FL 33101

They are scheduled to be resentenced individually on October 13th by the judge who presided20over their original trial.

No better way to show solidarity with The Five than to plan to attend the resentencing if you can.