During the pre-Congress discussion the need was emphasized for efforts to be further strengthened so that co-ordination, elaboration of common goals of struggle and development of joint action in the communist and worker’s movement will be promoted in order to confront imperialist aggressiveness; to project the necessity of socialism as the only alternative to today’s imperialist system.

The need to project a distinct communist viewpoint, a communist pole, was brought forward in order to better confront the problems and difficulties of this struggle and at the same time to deal with the necessity of coordinated intervention in the intensity of the anti-imperialist and anti-monopoly struggle internationally where other different forces also take part.

The Congress assigns to the new CC the task of conducting the Party’s international activity according to the following general directions:

The Need for a Distinct Presence Of the Communist Movement and
the Common Action of the Communist and Worker’s Parties.

Our Party considers that in the last period there have been certain steps of recovery in the International Communist Movement. Several Communist and Workers’ Parties were better equipped to confront imperialist aggressiveness and to take action against the imperialist wars in Afghanistan and especially against the people of Iraq. Some of them played a leading role in the struggles of the working class and the mobilizations of the working people for their rights. In this period, more initiatives were taken for the coordination of actions among the CPs compared to the recent past. International and regional meetings have multiplied.

Despite these steps forward, the International Communist Movement remains organizationally and ideologically fragmented; it is still experiencing a crisis. The struggle between revolutionary communist viewpoints and reformist, opportunist ones continues within its ranks. The conflict between the line of "resistance-rupture" and the line of "adaptation-assimilation" into the imperialist system continues.

At the center of the struggle are: the contemporary relevance of Marxism-Leninism; the development of our theory in the period of transition to socialism under conditions of the temporary victory of counter-revolution; the character of the Communist Party; the character of imperialism; the relation of the struggle on a national and international level; the policy of alliances; the attitude towards social democracy; the stance of communists in the mass movements; their stance in relation to the capitalist crisis, the inter-imperialist contradictions and the imperialist wars; the policy towards intra-state imperialist regional and international unions; the historic role of the working class; the laws of socialist revolution and the building of socialism; the proletarian internationalism.

Facing this situation, KKE considers that the efforts amongst the Communist Parties must be intensified so that, in a collective manner and also with respect for the sovereignty of each Party, the best methods to deal with the crisis may be found.

Our Party will intensify its international activities so that a more distinct form of cooperation with communist and workers’ parties will be shaped, the communist pole. This distinct presence of the parties will create better conditions in order to confront the difficulties which exist. This will also facilitate the broader anti-imperialist rallying of forces.

The initiative for the creation of this pole can be triggered by communist parties which are close in their political and ideological viewpoints, which defend Marxism-Leninism, the contribution of socialism we knew, as well as the necessity of the struggle for socialism.

Cooperation at a higher level in matters of theory development is necessary regarding the questions that are at the centre of today’s conflict. International research must be encouraged on the causes that brought victory for counterrevolution; common strategies against imperialism to be developed.

Our aim is for these forms of cooperation to assume a practical character, to give concrete results.

The distinct communist pole in no case nullifies each party’s sovereignty and its responsibility in relation to the working class and the movement in their respective countries. It will assume the form of coordination of joint action, based on parity.

Regarding communist and worker’s parties with which we have ideological differences, we can and must continue the efforts for common action around anti-imperialist and anti-monopoly goals while refuting mistaken ideological and political viewpoints.

KKE seeks cooperation and relations with all parties without exclusions.

The Distinct Presence of the Communist Movement —
A Resolute Agent in the Development of the Movements

The joint action of communists must find its expression within the ranks of the mass movements, of international mobilizations.

The formation of a distinct communist pole, the joint action and cooperation of communist parties will boost the effort to build a strengthened international anti-imperialist movement which will be based on the movement of the working class, the movements that express other popular strata, the movements for peace and against war, the movements of the youth, of women, as well as every other form of mobilization that has a progressive radical direction.

The internationalization of the struggle against imperialism cannot acquire a mass and especially a stable character if it is not based upon a distinct and powerful communist pole which, once established, can become an impetus for the positive influence of the peoples on international developments. This will also provide a sound basis for a broader anti-imperialist alliance.

The people’s answer to the strategy of imperialism, to contemporary barbarism, takes many and varying forms. Nevertheless, the popular struggles would be more effective if they succeeded:

• in combining their forces in the struggle against monopolies and imperialism on a national, regional and international level.