Since the abolition of the Soviet Union, Russia has been de-socialized and de-modernized. A prosperous modern society with full employment, social cohesion and universal social welfare has been turned into a capitalist nightmare.

Those who danced for joy at the liquidation of the Soviet Union might like to consider the following facts (gathered from the statistical reports of the United Nations and the Russian press) that show contemporary Russia’s place in the world.

1st place for murder: In 2005 alone 30,800 murders were officially reported, not including approximately 20,000 people per year disappearing without a trace.

1st place for the consumption of alcohol.

1st place for the spread of AIDS.

1st place for smoking by children.

1st place for disparity between workers’ and politicians’ wages: The pay of a government minister (not counting embezzlement, which is normal practice) is more than 100 times the average wage.

2nd place for suicide (Lithuania is in first place): More than 50,000 suicides per year are reported.

2nd place for prison population (the United States is in first place): Russia has the second-highest proportion of its population in jail.

2nd place for the murder of journalists (Iraq is in first place): 147 Russian journalists have been murdered since 2005.

2nd place for children being sexually molested by foreigners.

3rd place for child pornography: Approximately 12,000 cases per year of children being sold or trafficked are reported.

3rd place for cults: Russia is third-highest in the world for the spread of new religious, occult and other cults, most of them being introduced from abroad.

3rd place for growth in number of millionaires (the United States and Germany are first and second): There are now 53 billionaires in Russia, mostly criminals.

134th place for life expectancy: Russian men now have a life expectancy of 58; for women it is 72.

Source: Molodohvardiejec (Minsk).