Socialism Betrayed is Back in Print Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Soviet Collapse by Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny (New York: International Publishers,  2004 ) is back in print, and at a reasonable price.

The first edition in English sold out largely due to the favorable publicity the book garnered from such reviewers as Mark Almberg of the People’s Weekly World. As well, it was favorably reviewed in Britain by Andrew Murray of the Morning Star, in Ireland by the Socialist Voice, in Canada by the People’s Voice and The Spark, in Australia by The Guardian and Australian Marxist Review, and in Germany by Marxistische Blaetter.

Some of these reviews are available at the Marxism-Leninism Today web site.

Since 2004, Socialism Betrayed has been translated into a number of languages: Persian, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Portuguese, and Turkish. It will soon be published in French. A Spanish-language publisher is being sought.

The publisher is I-Universe of Bloomington, Indiana, from whom it can be purchased directly ( ).

It can also be purchased through commercial book sellers.