October 6, 2021

Joint international Communist statement  of solidarity with the working people and the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) against the attack on political and electoral rights:

Our parties once again express their solidarity with the people of Venezuela, who have been hit hard by the illegal and coercive imperialist measures as well as the capitalist crisis that brings about the dismantling of achievements and rights of the working class and the popular strata.

The dialogue between the Nicolás Maduro government and forces of the reactionary opposition, which until recently sought his toppling through a coup d’état and an imperialist intervention, does not intend to secure people’s interests. This dialogue, on the one hand has direct results in favour of the interests of the reactionary opposition and the business groups; on the other hand, it precipitates the loss of labour, trade union, and political rights of the workers and the revolutionary organizations. Typical examples are the intensification of the criminalization of workers’ struggles, which has led to the unfair detention of a significant number of trade unionists, and the recent attacks against the political and electoral rights of the CP of Venezuela and the “Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR)”, in the framework of the proclamation of the candidates for the forthcoming local elections on 21st November.

We denounce these unacceptable acts that aim at hindering the PCV candidates and preventing the people from widely supporting them in the forthcoming local elections.

We express our support and solidarity with all the PCV and APR candidates. The recent decisions of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela to block the PCV and APR candidates in the Municipality of Caracas, the Guaira State, and the Municipality of Macanao are completely objectionable and unjustifiable. At the same time that guarantees are provided for the participation of the reactionary forces in the election, it is unacceptable that PCV candidates are blocked, in violation of fundamental political and democratic rights. Moreover, we reiterate our denunciation of the media blackout of PCV, which has gone to extremes when the PCV and APR MP was repeatedly banned from taking the floor in parliament.

We also denounce the recent attacks against the General Secretary of the PCV, comrade Óscar Figuera, unleashed by an MP of the governing party, who once again attempted to link PCV with the plans of the imperialists and the US State Department  against Venezuela.

We demand that all anti-communist attacks against PCV stop and that its violated political and electoral rights are immediately restored.

The PCV has a long tradition of anti-imperialist struggle in the service of the working class and the popular strata, in defence of the sovereignty of its country for the past 90 years. Its reinforcement will always be a guarantee of anti-imperialist, democratic, and revolutionary struggles in Venezuela.


The statement is open for further endorsements.


SolidNet Parties signing:

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Communist Party of Australia
  3. Party of Labour of Austria
  4. Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  5. Communist Party of Belgium
  6. Brazilian Communist Party
  7. Communist Party of Britain
  8. Communist Party of Canada
  9. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
  10. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  11. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  12. Communist Party in Denmark
  13. Communist Party of El Salvador
  14. Communist Party of Finland
  15. German Communist Party
  16. Communist Party of Greece
  17. Hungarian Workers Party
  18. Iraqi Communist Party
  19. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  20. Tudeh Party of Iran
  21. Communist Party of Ireland
  22. Workers Party of Ireland
  23. Jordanian Communist Party
  24. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  25. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  26. Communist Party of Malta
  27. Communist Party of Mexico
  28. Communist Party of Norway
  29. Communist Party of Pakistan
  30. Palestinian Communist Party
  31. Paraguayan Communist Party
  32. Peruvian Communist Party
  33. Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  34. Communists of Serbia
  35. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  36. Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
  37. Sudanese Communist Party
  38. Communist Party of Swaziland
  39. Syrian Communist Party
  40. Syrian Communist Party [Unified]
  41. Communist Party of Turkey
  42. Communist Party of Ukraine
  43. Communist Party of Venezuela

 Other Parties

  1. Pole of Communist Revival in France
  2. Party of Labour of Guatemala
  3. Communist Front (Italy)
  4. Communist Party (Sweden)