We, the above mentioned parties that met in the international meeting of communist and workers parties hosted by the Portuguese Communist Party in Lisbon 10-12 November 2006 vehemently condemn the new atrocities by the Israeli Army in Ghaza as well as the participation in the Israeli government of representatives of the jost reactionary and aggressive forces. We expressed our concern about the continuing attacks against Lebanon and other peoples of the region and protest the continuous blocking of the assets and aid to the Palestinian National Authority.

We greet the fight and resistance of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation and aggressiveness.

We salute the heroic resistance and struggle of the Lebanese people and the contribution and sacrifices made by the Lebanese Communist Party defending the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon. The fact that the Israeli government and its allies were not able to achieve their goals in Lebanon shows the real possibilities, which the people’s resistance movement has, despite the negative balance of forces in the military field.

We extend greetings to the CP of Israel and other pro-peace progressive forces in that country which fought and still are fighting under very difficult conditions against the unjust and aggressive war against Lebanon and Palestine.  

We consider that the broad solidarity movement with the struggle of the Palestinian and Lebanese people delivered an new prove for the wide reaching condemnation of the policy of the USA Administration and other imperialist powers which is based on exploitation, oppression, violation of fundamental democratic and civil rights. This policy is the real cause of the conflicts and instability in the region. The communists and other anti-imperialist forces stand in firm opposition to this, struggling against imperialist war and exploitation, for the rights of the working people, for peace, democracy and socialism.

We express our solidarity with the Communist and Workers’ Parties in the region, whose strengthening will boost broader fronts of resistance against imperialism, class exploitation and oppression.

We call for the creation of a united social and political front in the region with international support against the imperialist plan for the "Greater Middle East" and its alleged "democratization." The communists stand at the forefront of the struggle for democracy and the promotion of the people’s interests, confronting attempts by political forces who may try to exploit the situation and portray themselves as supporters and “protectors” of the people, when in fact they are motivated by their own interests and their competition with the US.

We call for the further strengthening of the international movement of solidarity with the peoples of the whole region, as well as the solidarity with the democratic and progressive forces fighting for democracy, freedom and social justice.

We stand by the side of the struggles in defence of the national independence and territorial integrity of every country against every imperialist intervention under whatever pretext. The parties expressed their support for the stance taken by the Lebanese Communist Party regarding the resolution 1701/2006 and the treats, which it contains.

We demand:  

•  The withdrawal of the Israeli army from all Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian territories it has occupied since 1967, the complete dismantling of the settlements, the demolition of the Israeli wall as well as the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, alongside Israel. The solution of the issue of the refugees. The return of the Palestinian refugees based on the UN assembly resolution 194 and in line with the related UN Security Council resolutions

• The immediate release by Israel of all Lebanese, Palestinian and other Arab political prisoners, and the immediate lifting of the siege and blockade of the Palestinian territories.

• The immediate release of the Palestinian MPs and ministers that have been taken hostages by Israel

• A Middle East without nuclear weapons

• The immediate withdrawal of all foreign military forces and bases from all countries of the region


The Parties:

Algerian Party for Democracy & Socialism (PADS),

Workers Party of Belgium

Communist Workers Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brazilian Communist Party

Communist Party of Brazil

Communist Party of Britain

New Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Canada

AKEL, Cyprus

Communist Party of Denmark

Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Finland

Unified Communist party of Georgia

German Communist Party

Communist Party of Greece

Communist Party of India

Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Tudeh Party of Iran

Workers Party of Ireland

Socialist Party of Latvia

Lebanese Communist Party

Communist Party of Luxemburg

Communist Party of Malta

New Communist Party of the Netherlands

Party of the Communists, Mexico

Socialist Peoples Party, Mexico

Communist Party of Norway

Peruan Communist Party

Portuguese Communist Party

Communist Workers Party of Russia

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Communist Party of Slovakia

South African Communist Party

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Spain

Sudanese Communist Party

Syrian Communist Party

Syrian Communist Party

Communist Party of Turkey

Union of the Communists of Ukraine