To The President of The Russian Federation 
Vladimir Putin

Dear Mr. President, 

The international community is following the development of the situation in the Russian Federation with great attention. This year the progressive forces of the world, together with the peoples of your country, marked the 60th anniversary of Victory over Fascism and Nazism.

It is common knowledge that the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War was inspired and organized by the Communist Party which, like the Russian Federation and the Soviet State, was founded by V.I. Lenin. The vast influence of V.I. Lenin on the whole course of history is beyond doubt. In popular memory, he remains as one of the greatest political and state brains of humankind. During the past century everything associated with his name has been held sacred by millions of citizens in your country and on the planet. 

In this connection we, Communists and progressive-minded people of the planet, are concerned and puzzled by the campaign which has been launched to smear the historical memory of V.I. Lenin, to have his body removed from the Mausoleum and buried. Voices are heard calling for a liquidation of the memorial in Red Square where outstanding state, political and military leaders, scientists, writers and cosmonauts are laid to rest. All those who constitute the pride not only of Russia, but of the whole humankind. Famous personalities from foreign countries are also buried there. 

To us, joscow, the Kremlin, Red Square, the Lenin Mausoleum are inseparable from the great victories and achievements of the Soviet Union and Russia.

We, representatives of the Communist, workers? and left-wing parties of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, gathered at the international meeting in the Greek capital Athens, are urging you to exercise your authority as the head of state in order to prevent the above-mentioned actions which may cause irreparable damage to the political reputation of the country and inflict a deep wound on the friends of the peoples of Russia all over the world.

1. Communist Party of Albania
2. Algerian Party for Democracy & Socialism, PADS
3. Communist Party of Argentina
4. Communist Party of Australia
5. Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain
6. Communist Party of Belarus
7. Workers Party of Belgium
8. Communist Party of Brazil
9. Communist Party of Britain
10. New Communist Party of Britain
11. Bulgarian Communist Party «Georgi Dimitrov?
12. Communist Party of Bulgaria
13. Communist Party of Cuba
14. AKEL, Cyprus
15. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
16. Communist Party in Denmark
17. Communist Party of Denmark
18. Communist Party of Egypt
19. Communist Party of Estonia
20. Communist Party of Finland
21. Communist Party of Macedonia
22. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
23. German Communist Party (DKP)
24. Communist Party of Greece
25. Hungarian Worker’ Party
26. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
27. Tudeh Party of Iran 
28. Communist Party of Ireland
29. The Worker’s Party of Ireland
30. Communist Party of Israel
31. Party of the Italian Communists
32. Socialist Party of Latvia
33. Lebanese Communist Party
34. Socialist Party of Lithuania
35. Communist Party of Luxembourg
36. Party of the Congress for the Independence of Madagascar (AKFM)
37. Communist Party of Malta
38. Party of the Communists of Mexico
39. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
40. New Communist Party of Netherlands
41. Communist Party of Norway
42. Palestinian Communist Party
43. Philippine Communist Party-1930
44. Communist Party of Poland
45. Portuguese Communist Party
46. Socialist Alliance Party, Romania
47. Communist Party of Russian Federation
48. Communist Party of Soviet Union
49. Communist Workers Party of Russia – Party of the Communists of Russia
50. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
51. Communist Party of Slovakia
52. Communist Party of Peoples of Spain
53. Sudanese Communist Party
54. Communist Party of Sweden
55. Syrian Communist Party 
56. Syrian Communist Party
57. Communist Party of Turkey
58. Communist Party of Ukraine
59. Communist Party of Venezuela
60. Communist Party of Vietnam