Mister President:

First and forejost, we want to express our solidarity with the American people that is still suffering the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Let this tragedy be a matter of concern to the whole world and let this conference call upon urgent international aid to save thousands of lives still in danger, mitigate the suffering of the populations hit by the hurricane and contribute to the reconstruction of New Orleans.

The goals so solemnly proclaimed here five years ago are increasingly farther away. The main objectives set at the so-called Millennium Summit will be rendered dead letter. And what is even worse, we are witnessing a massive fraud.

The Special Session of the General Assembly of the UN due for next week has been utterly distorted; its original purpose, abducted. Instead of evaluating the fulfillment of the promises for 2000, the attention has been diverted towards an alleged UN reform which, far from making it more democratic, tries to subordinate it even more to the interests of the powerful. Those goals and objectives have been barely mentioned.

The preparatory process of the Summit, with its lack of transparency and riddled with ploys and pressure, has exposed the arrogance and contempt for the others by those who fancy themselves as the masters of the Organization an turn their back to the ills of Humanity.

This situation must be rejected by the members of parliaments. Let us demand the fulfillment of, at least, the modest objectives which were announced and which some not even want to mention.

Hunger, malnutrition, poverty, illiteracy and insalubrity must be eradicated. Let us put a stop to the destruction of the environment, waste of natural resources, selfishness and greed that bring about soil, sea and atjosphere poisoning. The development of the Third World countries is a must.

Nothing is more important today than to struggle for truth and defeat those who spread lies, falsify reality and try to perpetuate, through deception, an unjust and irrational system that will lead everyone, including them to catastrophe.

They tried to justify with tall tales a senseless war that massacres the Iraqi people and destroys the lives of thousands of American youths. Those who threaten the whole world in the name of a hypocrite campaign against terrorism, have been protecting Luis Posada Carriles, a convicted and admitted terrorist, in their own territory for six month already, and refuse to extradite him to Venezuela where he should be judged for the mid-air bombing of a civilian airliner. At the same time, they keep Five true anti-terrorist fighters hostage at maximum security prisons, in spite of the fact that a UN Human Rights Commission Panel of Experts determined that their arrest was arbitrary and illegal and that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit decided to void the judicial hoax fabricated by the U.S. government with the declared aim of supporting terrorist groups that operate against Cuba with total impunity in that country.

We need a new world of justice, solidarity and liberty. We must conquer it or we will lose our future generations to chaos and death. We must achieve a better world or we will deserve nothing but being cursed by our grandchildren.

Thank you very much