The CPI denunciates Olmert-Peretz’s government, which has aggravated the bloody war against the Palestinian people, especially against the Palestinian inhabitants in the Gaza Strip and kidnapped ministers, members of the parliament and senior Palestinian officers.
During the month of June, the Israeli Army (Tzahal) killed dozens Palestinians, including several children, and now is continuing these crimes by the occupation of large territories of the Gaza Strip with the excuse of releasing the kidnapped soldier. The CPI objects killing of Israeli and Palestinian civilians alike.
CPI calls upon all peace seekers, Jews and Arabs, to denounce the crimes of occupation and to demand the immediate pullout of Tzahal from all parts of the Gaza Strip.
CPI emphasizes once more, that security and peace can only achieved by putting an end to the Israeli occupation, evacuation of all Israeli settlements’, establishing an Palestinian independent state alongside Israel, establishing two capitals in Jerusalem and solving the refugees’ question according to United Nations resolutions.
 • Hadash (Peace and Democratic Front) and CPI members will take part in a large number of demonstrations during the next days all over the country, especially in a demonstration called by the veteran refusers of Yesh Gvul, Saturday night in front of the Prime Minister residence in Jerusalem, with the focus on military and political leaders responsible for war crimes. Yesh Gvul plays an active part in trying to bring these military and political leaders to international justice.

Communist Party of Israel
International Department