The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) strongly condemns the execution of Sadam Hussein. This execution was an act of political revenge against the Iraqi people aiming for the justification of the imperialist invasion and occupation of Iraq. President Sadam, who was a war prisoner and the execution of a war prisoner, is against all international laws regarding the war.

WFDY expresses its serious condemnation about the imperialist plans of the occupying forces led by USA to increase the exploitation, division and the religious conflict between the Iraqi people. The execution that took place during saint days of Islamic people cannot be tolerated.

WFDY always condemned the Sadam Hussein regime for the actions against the human rights in Iraq, and we condemn as well all human right violations against the Iraqi people perpetuated by the occupation forces with complicity of Iraqi government.

WFDY still believes, the continuation of military occupation in Iraq led by USA and its allies only brings more misery, suffering, further death and destruction for Iraqi People.

WFDY demands the complete withdraw of all forces of occupation and expresses its support and solidarity with the people of Iraq and welcome the resistance for the right cause of defending the independent and sovereignty of their country.

The Coordinating Council of WFDY
Budapest, 6th of January 2007