The CPI denunciates Sharon’s government, which has aggravated the bloody war against the Palestinian People, especially against the Palestinian inhabitants in the Gaza Strip.

During the month of September, the Israeli Army killed some 100 Palestinian inhabitants and is now continuing 

In its killing pursuit, demolishing of houses and performing arrests.. 

The CPI objects killing of Israel and Palestinian civilians alike. But regards as sheer hypocrisy on behalf of Sharon’s government and Israeli Army the exploitation of the death of civilians, among them two babies, in the town of Sderot to justify the renewal of occupation of parts of Gaza Strip and the killing of tens of Palestinians, among them pupils in their school classes. 

The shooting without distinction of Israeli tanks and helicopters of whatever Sharon calls "The Disengagement Plan." It is impossible to disconnect 

The killing and the destruction in Gaza Strip were already defined by Israeli Army spokesmen as an "advanced payment of the evacuation".

The intimidation attack, waged by the Israeli Army in preparation for the "Disengagement" teaches us ones more’ hat when Sharon speaks of "Evacuation," he is preparing more war crimes’ aiming at elimination the aspiration of the Palestinian People to stop living under occupation and achieve their national independence alongside Israel.

CPI calls upon all peace lovers, Jews and Arabs, to denounce the crimes of occupation and to demand the immediate pullout of the Israeli Army from all parts of the Gaza Strip, being under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

CPI emphasizes once more, that security and peace can be achieved only by putting an end to Israeli occupation, evacuation of all Israeli settlements’ establishing an Palestinian independent state alongside Israel, establishing two Capitals in Jerusalem, and solving the Refugees’ question according to UN resolutions. 

Stop War Crimes!
Two States, Israel And Palestine! The Way To Peace And Security