he CPI calls upon all supporters of peace in Israel and the world to pressure the Sharon government to immediately implement the recommendations of the International Court of Justice in Hague concerning the apartheid wall.

The recommendations of the International Court of Justice concerning the apartheid wall are an important contribution to the public struggle against the construction of the wall and the continuing occupation, and for the achievement of a just and stable peace which is the real guarantee of security — so states the position accepted by the political bureau of the CPI on July 9, the day the court published its recommendations. 

The CPI reiterates that the Sharon government‚s purpose in this wall‚s construction is the continuation of the Israeli occupation (of the Palestinian territories), the perpetuation of the settlements in the West Bank, and the prevention of the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. The construction of the wall, as determined by the International Court of Justice, has caused daily intolerable suffering to the Palestinian people while grossly violating international humanitarian law. 

The CPI warns that the arrogant dismissal of the United Nations court‚s findings may lead to the international isolation of Israel, and to the imposition of sanctions such as those imposed on South Africa during the apartheid regime.

The CPI calls on all forces of peace, human and civil rights, in Israel, Palestine, and all over the world:

— Let us join forces in a public crusade to demand that the Sharon government carry out immediately the recommendations of the International Court of Justice, dismantle the wall built in the occupied territories, and compensate those Palestinians whose lives and property were damaged by it.

— Dismantle immediately the apartheid wall!

—Dismantle all the settlements in the occupied territories!

—Isolate the occupation government!

Yes to peace between Israel and Palestine!

July 9, 2004

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