The editor of Counterpunch takes a few well-aimed  shots  at US policy toward Cuba. This is the first part of his July 16, 2021 Roaming Charges article.  – The Editors

By Jeffery St. Clair


+ The hatred of Cuba by the ruling class of the US is a kind of political neurosis. It’s visceral, irrational and violent. Cuba poses no threat to the US, militarily or economically, Yet its very existence seems to drive US policy makers crazy.

This week the mayor of Miami, an anti-Trump Republican, suggested that it might be necessary to bomb Havana. Why? Because it’s there. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. The US has invaded Cuba, funded multiple insurrections, tried dozens of times to assassinate its leaders, used biological weapons to wilt its crops and poison its livestock, tracked down and executed Che Guevara, bombarded the island with hysterical propaganda, ranted against it at the UN, financed, trained and protected a gang of thugs that planned and executed the bombing of a Cuban passenger plane (killing 73 civilians), plotted false flag ops in Miami to blame on the Castro government, and enforced a decades long embargo (that even China finds it hard to break) that would have crippled almost any other nation.

The fact that Cuba is still standing, a little wobbly at times, but still defiant, simply drives the US nuts. It’s a living example of another way to organize a society can’t be tolerated, especially so close to home.

+ As the US continues to rant incessantly at Cuba, we should not forget in this age of heightened sensitivity to infectious diseases that among the US’s many crimes against the Cuban people two stand out: introducing Asian Swine flu in 1971 (causing 500,000 pigs to be slaughtered) and Dengue Fever in 1988, an outbreak that killed 113 children.

+ The worst thing the Cubans ever did to the US was to export the island’s most reactionary criminal element to south Florida, where they’ve dominated the economic and political scene for the last 60 years, using the same corrupt practices that got them chased out of Havana. And they’ll probably be paying price for this island cleaning until the Atlantic reclaims Miami.

+ The sanctions and embargo enforced by the US, coupled with the post-Castro Cuban govt’s marketizing of the economy, have resulted in economic disparities not seen since before the Revolution. The protests in Cuba, centered in Havana’s poorest neighborhoods, are demanding more socialism not less.

+ In his four years in office, Trump imposed 231 new sanctions on Cuba. Biden hasn’t removed any of them.

+ Cuba has plenty of vaccines. What it lacks are syringes, which are in limited supply because of the US sanctions & embargo, the objective of which, as in Iraq, when they killed as many as 2 million people, many of them children, is to foment political change through the infliction of maximum human misery. Meanwhile, Florida and Oklahoma just passed laws protecting drivers who run their cars over protesters.

+ Biden is cheering the very misery he has inflicted. This is Reaganism with an even more withered face…

+ For the past year, the US has blocked the shipment of ventilators to Cuba

+ Biden is demanding that the Cuban government not arrest protest leaders (I agree), at the very same time that the US govt. is holding 40 people in torturous conditions at Guantanamo, many of them without charges or trials, several of whom have been cleared for release 10 years ago and remain locked in cages.

+ This disgusting statement from one of Obama’s mentors, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), is what passes for the Left wing of the Democratic Party in 2021. Not much different than the Left wing of Democratic Party that launched the Bay of Pigs invasion 60 years ago and got its ass kicked…

+ Even AOC joined in, providing a Master Class in how to Tweet out of both sides of your mouth…

+ Meet the protesters cars aren’t allowed to run over in Florida

+ As of February 2021, the National Endowment of Democracy had shelled out more than $5 million to 42 different group to agitate for “US values” inside of Cuba. Three of the groups are based in the Czech Republic (highlighted in yellow).

+ Just look at what the awful Cuban secret police are doing now, honey! What? That’s Rochester? New York?? Well, never mind. But you still know what I mean, right?

+ Speaking of Gitmo, in court filings this week, the Biden administration “took no position” on whether detainees should be afforded due process rights, which is a cowardly way of advancing the position that Gitmo detainees should not have due process rights…