The world is expecting a decision for immediate cessation of bombings and any other Israeli military operation in Lebanese territory.

It is always positive that countries that are influent by the UN Security Council regarding the war in Lebanon. Until now, there is no consistent document capable of producing the ceasefire. The only, acceptable and reasonable resolution, in order to promote peace, is the in the international state of affairs and Security Council veto-holders take initiative and stop the United States from deciding single-handedly the course of events. Equally important, however, is not to allow that international bodies — and even more reasonably the UN — are instrumentalized and obliged to deliberate by means of blackmail-oriented pressure. Israel and the United States condition the ceasefire to the maintenance of their presence as an occupying force in Lebanon and to the physical and logistic elimination of the Hezbollah. It is worthy of loathing the cynicism with which the United States’ diplomacy authorities hinder negotiations, curbing the quick decision on the ceasefire, in order to grant Israel the necessary time to finish its designs at the expenses of the Lebanese population’s holocaust. Only then, after the fulfillment of all the conditions imposed by Israel and the United States, the "peace process" would enter a new stage, as a "multinational force" sponsored in reality by imperialist countries is sent to that country.

In the meanwhile, Israeli air force keeps on intensely bombing Lebanon, its capital Beirut and its surroundings. In four weeks of an unequal war, the Israeli criminals already provoked a holocaust. Lebanon is on fire and under ruins — over a thousand dead, the civil population is being massacred, its infrastructure is destroyed, about 1 million people fled the country and damages to the country’s economy sum up to 2 billion dollars.

A realistic evaluation makes one doubt the efficacy and justice of understandings made between the United States and France on past August 5th, which served as basis for an eventual resolution by the Security Council on the "end of the conflict". Actually, in the way things are being conducted, and due to the intransigence of the United States and Israel while imposing clauses that guarantee their expansionist interests, we come to believe the exact opposite. While not facing — not even superficially — the true motivations that led Israel to attack Lebanon on July 12th, we face the risk of mistaking aggressor for victim, giving even more strength to Israel and acting in a way that aggravates the crisis and war factors not only in Lebanon, which is only the current stage, but all over the region (a permanent scenario), or at least in a significant part of it, in an arch covering Palestine, Syria and Iran.

We are facing not a proposal for peace, but a maneuver that will bring more war and suffering to Lebanese and Palestinian. If the Security Council fulfills the role of legitimating Israeli aggression, we will find ourselves before the indisputable evidence of the failure of the juridical-political order instituted after World War II.

It was not the frontier incident in which Lebanese national Resistance Forces, namely the Hezbollah, attacked an enemy garrison that provoked the fury of Israel. Israeli reaction, therefore, has not been "overdone" and "disproportionate", but "justifiable", as stipendiary media and coward governments want it to be. Equally, it was not another similar fact carried out by Palestinian Resistance forces two weeks earlier that leaded Israeli army to attack Gaza and unchain acts of State terrorism against the legitimately constituted government of the Palestinian National Authority. Those incidents only hurried something previously planned and prepared in a methodic manner.

The present Israeli belligerent upsurge is due to a contrived strategy elaborated by the great imperialist and Zionist States. The creation and activity of Israel as a expansionist State that is the American imperialism’s bridgehead in the region goes objectively against with the national aspirations of the Arab and Palestinian peoples. The option chosen by Israel and the United States of resorting to violence derives from the conception that Israel will only be absolutely safe when the Arab and Palestinian national Resistance is destroyed and the countries viewed as their enemies in the region are eliminated — today Syria and Iran, as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq has been until recently. Therefore, the war in Lebanon is part of a set of actions that involve: the annexation of the Palestinian territory; curbing Palestinian self-determination, which will only exist with the existence of a sovereign State in an integral territory; dismantling Lebanon and installing a military enclave in that country’s territory; and the confrontation of Syria and Iran, adversaries in Israel’s expansionist plans and therefore viewed as fierce enemies of the Zionists.

The United States in its turn, using Israel as its tool, are making efforts to fulfill its plan of restructuring Middle East according to which diplomacy is the least important issue, as it has been in the attack against Iraq in 2003 despite the opposition of the Security Council and the evident violation of all norms of international law that it meant.

All signs indicate that the new Middle East of Bush and Olmert — and of all heirs of Sharon — depends more on the repetition of crimes committed by Israel’s air force and army than on the agreements made between Douste-Blazy and John Bolton. Rhetoric aside, measures taken by the United States and Israel are hindering ceasefire.

Notwithstanding, viewing the issue in the proper perspective and taking into account the conflicting forces, something tells us that the Middle East conceived by the United States’ imperialism will never exist. And the holocaust it has caused with the help of its Israeli allies may result in different scenarios that are hard to predict due to the fierceness of the conflicts it will inevitably be caused. One thing though is certain. Neither peace nor stability will derive from the carnage with which Bush plagues the environment in the beginning of the 21st century.

In the Middle East there is no long-lasting solution that does not involve a broad and fair resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is not restricted to Lebanon. The starting point must be the decision regarding the Palestinian issue with Israel withdrawing from all occupied territories, the creation of the national Palestinian State and the respect to the sovereignty of all countries in the region, what presupposes conviviality with Syria and Iran as they are now.